Korean Contemporary R&B

I guess this Korean fever is not going away anytime soon for me. Ever since I declared my love for Korean Drama a while back on social media, I’ve had friends DM-ed me asking if I, by any chance, have became an army (BTS’ fandom) as well.

Sorry to disappoint, but I haven’t.

Funny how my friend, a mum of a toddler who now lives in England has became a big fan of BTS, and we usually share similar taste in music since we were in high shcool, but this time, while she’s gotten really into BTS, I’m not, hehe. So I told those who asked.. naah, I’m just going to stick with Korean Drama 😉

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2020… so far

Surely 2020 is not going to be easily forgotten. Funny enough, I started the year being in a middle of a crowd, celebrating NYE in LA’s Grand park downtown. There were fireworks, food trucks, live music.. ah, it was fun and lively.

Fast forward 7 months later, the thought of being in the middle of such crowd makes me shudder. Ain’t life funny.

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Lassen National Park – Is it Worth The Long Drive?

Living in California, you can’t ignore its magnificently beautiful nature (notice the hyperbole here, but it is indeed really pretty!). To be honest, before moving to California, I was more of a city person that outdoors when it comes to traveling. Browse my old travel blog posts, you’d see very few nature-related travel.

But I now live in such close proximity to nature. It is so easily accessible, so it triggers my curiosity. Slowly, my interest began to shift and I began to include a nature spot on my travels. When it comes to building an itinerary, I even found a formula that I really enjoy! That is, to visit a nature spot, but stay in the closest big city, so that I can also explore the city life.

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Perjalanan Panjang Adaptasi

Udah lama sih saya pengen nulis soal hal ini, tapi akhirnya baru kesampean sekarang. Rasanya saya udah pernah ngebahas sedikit di beberapa post terdahulu, soal proses adaptasi kepindahan saya ke Amerika. Nggak disangka, saat ini sudah 2,5 tahun saya pindah kesini.

Selama 2,5 tahun ini hidup saya banyak banget naik turunnya deh. Sampai ada masanya pengen balik ke Christa jaman dulu terus kasih tau soal segala tantangan yang dihadapi, biar Christa jaman dulu nggak cuma mikirin yang indah2 aja ketika memutuskan pindah ke Amerika.

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Liebster Award

Jadi sebenernya saya udah dikasih tau soal Liebster Award ini oleh Phebie sejak bulan lalu. Tapiii waktu itu saya sedang hiatus blogging karena satu dan lain hal. Akhirnya baru sekarang deh sempat terima “tantangan” Liebster Award ini dan ikutan nge-post. Terima kasih ya Phebie sudah ngajakin, ini dia jawaban saya 🙂

Oh iya buat yang belum familiar sama Liebster Award, jadi peraturannya ada 6, bisa di baca di blog nya Phebie. Tapiii saya bakal curang dikit yah, cuma bakal ngikutin peraturan 1 – 3 dan nggak ngelanjutin award ini. Mohon dimaklumi 🙂

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Ramadan 2020

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since my last post. We are still in quarantine, haven’t left the house much except for few essential errands. Unsure when we will be able to resume normal activities again – perhaps we are redefining “normal”.

Anyway, I was going to post frequently during the quarantine. After all, I am out of school, jobless, and had all my plans for this Spring postponed. However, reality hits different. I was not in a good condition, and often times I found myself lacking the motivation to do anything.

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