Tentang Pekerjaan

Sebenarnya, kalau dihitung total, aku sudah hampir 1 tahun punya pengalaman kerja kantoran di Amerika. Sebelum kerjaan yang sekarang, aku sudah kerja sekitar 9 bulan di kantor sebelum ini. 9 bulan bisa dibilang waktu yang singkat, tapi sebenarnya lumayan juga. Tapi, kantor yang dahulu bisa dibilang kurang menggambarkan situasi kerja di Amerika yang sesungguhnya, karena mayoritas karyawan (dan bos) nya orang Asia Timur. Kalau waktu itu ditanya, rasanya apa kerja di Amerika? Bedanya sama kerja di Indonesia? Jawabannya pasti, sama aja. Hampir ga berasa beda deh.

Nah setelah pindah ke kantor yang sekarang, walaupun baru 3 minggu, baru kerasa beberapa perbedaan suasana kerja di Indonesia dan Amerika. Sedikit gambaran, kedua kantor bergerak di bidang teknologi, dan kantor yang sekarang statusnya masih start-up dengan 6 karyawan. Tapi, kalau di kantor dulu mayoritas adalah imigran, di kantor ini aku adalah imigran pertama yang di rekrut.

Aku nggak pernah malu bilang diriku imigran. Wong emang bener, aku nggak lahir dan besar disini. Dari awal proses wawancara kerja aku selalu bilang, aku imigran, pindah dari Indonesia blablablabla.. dan lanjut ceritain pengalaman kerja. Nah balik lagi ke topik, berdasarkan pengalaman kerjaku yang baru sedikit ini.. aku merasakan beberapa perbedaan suasana kerja di sini dan di Indonesia:

  1. Orang Amerika lebih banyak memberikan feedback positif. Tiap hari, biarpun cuma komentar kayak “awesome” “perfect’ atau “great”. Awal – awal cukup merasa geleuh apalagi kita orang Asia kan jarang denger kata2 manis gitu yaa.. terus awalnya sempet muncul pikiran impostor syndrome “emang bener gue sebagus itu?” Tapi lama2 mikir lagi, yaudah sih terima aja. Masih mending denger kata2 positif di sekitar kita kan daripada denger kata negatif. Auranya lebih enak aja.

2. Orang Amerika nggak malu untuk mengakui prestasi diri sendiri. Ini cukup juga bikin kaget soalnya selama berkarir di Indonesia aku cukup merasa bahwa kesuksesan diri adalah kesuksesan tim. Bagus sih, tapi ngga ada salahnya mengakui hasil kerja keras diri sendiri. Tapi terus terang di bagian ini aku masih harus banyak belajar karena kelamaan bergerak dengan mindset tim dibanding diri sendiri.

3. Kemampuan untuk merangkum sebuah situasi dengan singkat jelas dan padat itu penting banget. Di Indonesia, aku cukup “kenyang” dengan meeting yang bisa berjalan bertele – tele. Kadang yang namanya meeting tuh bisa berjalan dari pagi sampe sore ya gak sih, dengan beberapa break. Disini, tiap pagi aku ada stand up meeting yang gak boleh terjadi lebih lama dari 15 menit. Tiap orang harus share kerjaan yang lagi dilakukan, termasuk kalau ada hambatan supaya tim bisa saling bantu. Jadinya tiap hari aku harus merangkai kata dulu, gimana supaya bisa ceritain kerjaan aku dengan singkat, jelas dan padat dalam 1-2 kalimat haha. Biasanya kalau di Indonesia dulu kan harus siapin minimal one pager atau presentasi sekalian :p

Sejauh ini sih 3 poin itu aja yang paling berasa. Teman2 yang kebetulan kerja di luar negeri juga, ada pengalaman yang sama nggak? atau ada tambahan? Ceritain yaa di komen 🙂


Ah, December’s here. My favorite month of the year (birthday month!yay!). Yes, I’m one of those people who’s always excited about birthdays. Though I’m not a fan of big celebration anymore, I’m still hyped about the day.

I started my new job yesterday. I work in a start-up environment now, working remotely, with all of my colleagues spread across the US. In fact, we don’t have an office! Coming from a corporate background, I’m still adapting to how things work. I plan to master all the tools this week before I jump into actual work next week. My manager and colleagues are all so supportive, so I am hopeful that this is the start of something great. Fingers crossed!

My family and I went to San Francisco for Thanksgiving weekend. Surprisingly, the weather was very nice. We stayed there for 2 days and it was sunny all along! We went to Sausalito and of course, the Golden Gate. We also ate at Japantown and did a bit of coffeeshop hopping. San Francisco is always a good idea! ❤

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving if you celebrated it. Otherwise, tell me your plan for the holiday season! I will share mine in the next post x


I woke up like usual today, realized that I don’t have to go to work, and went back to sleep. By the time I woke up again, it was already past 8 AM and I panicked quite a bit. Oh, I’m late! Then, again, I realized that, I don’t have work.

I got up, went to the kitchen, opened the cabinet, and found 2 unopened expired cereal boxes. I threw them away. The third box was safe. I opened it, grabbed a bowl, poured milk, realized that I almost run out, and made a mental note to go buy it later today. Then I sat in silence, just eating, almost in disbelief that I was not at work. I was always rushing to work in the morning and barely had time to eat breakfast, so this morning was a nice change.

So I quit my job. My first corporate job in the US. It did not last long but I had to prioritize myself. Thankfully I already accepted an offer from another company, that I will start next month.

Today was my first day of FUNemployement, which I spent mostly cleaning the house. I have been neglecting it for the last couple of months. I was too stressed out and tired because of everything that was happening. But today I felt like I started to get my groove back! Yay, small wins!

I apologize for the lack of updates. I haven’t even responded to the comments I received in my last post. Know that I read it all, but I was too exhausted. I put off blogging for a while, now I hope that this post can be a good start. I am enjoying this, I feel on a roll.

So, what’s next? This week is Thanksgiving week in the US. My Mom and Brother are here visiting, it’s been nice to have them around, so nice that I started to have separation anxiety whenever I think that they will eventually leave. I try not to think about it too much, and try to cherish every moment.

I will start my new job next month (a couple more days!) and will be a 100% remote employee. I’ve never worked fully remote so this will be exciting! Wish me luck x

Wherever you are, I hope you are surrounded by love this holiday season. Here’s to good health and company! Until next post x

I Have Less Friends Now, and That’s Okay

I was on my lunch break at work and I saw an instagram story by a friend of mine. We first met through blog back in the days, but somehow got into the same university although different colleges. She posted something where she tagged, surprisingly, another friend of mine. Friend number 2 and I went to the same college in university. I didn’t know friend number 1 and number 2 know each other… until I realized that they were at one point, colleagues.

Ah, small world. That’s Jakarta to me. When I still lived there, I had a multiple circle of friends, and I found joy in finding connections between my circles. I would often be part of, or even host multi-circle gatherings, which may consist of my classmates, and then a friend’s classmate, or another friend’s colleague… you get the idea. I would meet new people, new friends, and the circle would keep growing, hahaha it does sound tiring now as I’m writing this but there was a time where I was happy to be a part of it.

Seeing the instagram story today made me realize that here in the United States, I don’t have that many friends, and I don’t think I ever will. I only have 2 circle of friends, one that I know from my husband and one that I know myself. At one point I tried to expand my circle, I tried to make friends at university, or even at my Barre class, but none actually made it past the “acquaintance” or “social media friends” part.

I have a good relationship with the people from work but it’s hard to consider them as part of my circle. I think my perception of friendship changes over time, and for the most part, being an immigrant has a lot to do with it.

As an immigrant, I think I’m keeping my circle small, but that circle is my extended family. As an immigrant, I have to rebuild my network, similar to what I did growing up in Jakarta, but here, they way I’m building it is purely for business. There’s got to be something in exchange. And that’s okay.

I used to think that making friends is the biggest struggle as an immigrant. I understand why, considering how social I was back home. But now, as time passes, I realize that it’s not the case. The biggest struggle is actually comparing things here vs back home. Once I do it less (hard to say that I completely avoid it), I came to understand and accept that I have less friends now, and that’s okay. After all, quality > quantity, right? 🙂

Series of thoughts

I dont even know what 4th of July is supposed to mean. Independence Day, sure. But the more I read, the more I begin to question.

I don’t understand Indonesians’obsession with uniform. “Oh, here’s a matching kitchen towel for you, it will look nice”. “Let’s all buy this pink kaftan to our cousin’s wedding”. Why does it have to be the exact same pink kaftan? Why can’t I wear my own pink kaftan that I brought from Indonesia, one that I’ve prepared for special occasions like these? I can understand dress code and color code.. but uniform?

I miss my family and friends so, so bad. Of all the things that are happening in Indonesia, nothing I want more than being able to see them in person. So until then, I can only pray for their health and safety. Until then.

I feel like I’m at this weird position where I feel really blessed to be able to write this post while enjoying my brunch at a coffee shop, but at the same time I am holding down my tears because as soon as I start to think “aaah this is nice” while sipping my coffee, I thought of my mom and brother who hasnt been really out from their home for 1,5 years now. That was a weird sentence, but I guess it represents my thoughts lately. Cluttered.

I feel bloated lately but most days I dont have the energy to exercise or even go out. I just want to leyeh-leyeh all day.

I am obsessed with Jang Kiyong and Hyeri in My Roommate is a Gumiho. The series is so unrealistic (it’s a fantasy romcom anyway), but it makes me smile, it’s light and filled with fluff, exactly what I need this time.

Thank you for reading my thoughts. I’ve finished my coffee and I’m going home. We’re making Bakso for lunch, my inlaws are coming over. Stay safe and healthy, friends!

Demam Korea

Kayaknya ini coping mechanism terbaru saya deh. Sejak awal pandemi tahun lalu, saya disuruh teman nonton Crash Landing on You kan. Episode pertama nggak doyan, tapi karena ngga ada kerjaan, lanjut terus. Makin lama nyangkut, akhirnya malah sampai jadi ngefans banget sama 2 tokoh utamanya. Hyun Bin dan Son Ye Jin.. awww seneng banget pas tau mereka akhirnya pacaran beneran.

Waktu awal – awal nonton CLOY itu saya cukup kaget lihat betapa banyaknya konten yang tersedia untuk para fans. Mulai dari cuplikan behind the scene, interview sama pemain, post di social media.. banyak banget! Jadi penonton tuh rasanya dimanjain banget. Rasanya, selama ini nonton series Hollywood nggak ngeh liat materi promosi sebanyak ini. Atau emang nggak pernah perhatiin aja?

Jadilah setelah CLOY, muncul kebiasaan baru. Nonton drama Korea, kalau cukup suka dengan aktor/aktris nya, mulai mengkonsumsi konten – konten lainnya. Liatin BTS, nontonin interview, cari tau background si aktor/aktris, sampai dengerin soundtrack nya. Paket lengkap! Yang hasilnya, kalau lagi mengikuti suatu drama tuh bisa kebayang bayang sampai kebawa – bawa kemana – mana gitu… misalnya, manggil suami dengan panggilan ala Korea hahahaha ampun deh.

Sejak tahun lalu itu, saya udah cukup banyak banget nonton drama Korea lain.. sampai memutuskan buat langganan streaming service khusus konten Asia. Nggak tanggung – tanggung… 2 sekaligus, Viki dan IQIYI.

Hampir jarang nonton Netflix, Hulu dan sebagainya kecuali buat nonton serial yang emang udah saya ikutin kayak The Handmaid’s Tale atau Kims Convenience. Tolong laaahh… (Ini minta tolong tapi sebenernya sih doyan2 aja kebombardir konten Korea gini hahaha).

Tambahan lagi, saya juga ketemu genre musik Korea yang saya suka, yaitu R&B. Ternyata banyak banget lagu K R&B yang menarik! Kalo kamu suka musik juga, coba deh dengerin semacam Dean, Crush, Offonoff, Heize, Zion.T… nah loh banyak juga. Bisa cari di Spotify playlist2 yang judulnya Korean R&B atau Korean Indie Chill, hehe.

Last but not least rumah saya disini tuh cuma sekitar 10 menit dari daerah yang banyak komunitas Korea nya! Ada supermarket Korea, ada restoran Korea, butik Korea, kafe Korea sampai tempat pijat Korea ada juga. Lengkap deh. Saya dan R cukup sering ke daerah itu, bahkan saya udah ketemu salon Korea yang udah jadi langganan juga hahahaha.

Demam Korea yang saya alami ini cukup keliatan sih di kalangan teman – teman disini. Sekarang, kalau ada apa – apa yang bau Korea, mereka pasti nunjuk saya hahaha. Siapa sangka, pandemi bikin saya demam Korea gini. Kalau mengutip Jo, katanya sih semua akan Korea pada waktunya… hihi.

P.S: Draft ini ditulis udah beberapa minggu lalu, tapi saya tambahin bagian terakhir ini ya sebelum di publish.. pengen kirim semangat dan doa baik untuk teman2 semua, semoga sehat, selamat, dan bahagia. Take care!! 🙂