Liburan Akhir Pekan Seru di Bandung

Dipikir pikir, bulan April – Mei ini banyak banget yah tanggal merahnya. Nah, buat kamu warga Jabodetabek, khususnya Jakarta, waktu akhir pekan ini merupakan waktu yang paling pas untuk liburan. Apalagi dengan banyaknya long-weekend,  langsung deh masyarakat ibu kota ramai – ramai berangkat liburan. Intinya, akhir pekan merupakan waktu yang pas untuk bersenang-senang. Meskipun hanya dua hari, tetapi liburan singkat ini juga dapat menjadi obat stress yang manjur!

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Pengalaman 1 Day Juice Cleanse

Kemarin ini Naked Press Juicery menghubungi saya dan mengajak saya mencoba paket Juice Cleanse yang diberi nama “Naked Press Cleanse“. Ada 2 pilihan paket; 1 hari atau 3 hari. Saya pilih yang 1 hari dulu, maklum, pemula. 🙂

Juice Cleanse disini maksudnya selama 1 hari saya hanya mengkonsumsi jus sesuai paket yang sudah diatur dan diselingi air putih. Wow. Terdengar berat ya… Awalnya saya ragu, tapi begitu membaca manfaatnya saya jadi merasa tertantang dan akhirnya setuju untuk mencoba.

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Kabar Dari Asisten Pribadi Saya

Tahun lalu, saya pertama kali kenalan sama asisten pribadi saya, namanya Cindy. Pengalaman saya menggunakan jasa asisten pribadi sempat saya tulis di blog ini (sudah baca belum? :D). Waktu itu jasanya masih dalam tahap soft-launch, dan saya baru sekedar coba – coba.

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Pilih – Pilih Tas Untuk Traveling

Persiapan traveling itu seringkali jadi kegiatan yang tidak kalah seru dengan traveling itu sendiri, ya ngga sih? Nah, dari beberapa kali pergi sama teman – teman yang berbeda, saya melihat ada beberapa tipe orang dalam mempersiapkan traveling nya. Ada yang santai, tidak mempersiapkan apa – apa sampai mendekati hari H, ada juga yang benar – benar penuh persiapan. Saya sendiri tergantung mood, kadang – kadang saya merasa perlu banget penuh persiapan, kadang – kadang saya bahkan baru packing beberapa jam sebelum berangkat!

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Wanderlust: Wearable Silk Art

Allura is a Jakarta based brand emphasising on all things sweet and pretty. Their collection varies from adult headpieces, to baby headpieces, and now.. pretty scarves!

Just very recently, they launched a new collection of scarves.. but this one is out of the ordinary because it is a collaboration project between amazing talents – Allura x Diera Bachir x Talitha Maranila. The collection is called Wanderlust : Wearable Silk Art and it consists of three chapters; Pathless Sea, Revival, and Imago.

The collection is an interpretation of a mutual vision shared by the three collaborators, which is live to explore. Though “Wanderlust” can simply mean desire to travel, Wanderlust: Wearable Silk Art collection aims to give you an inspiration to embrace your desire to explore; be it traveling or even in your mundane routine. Started with a discussion of ideas, it was then brought to life by Talitha Maranila’s exquisite illustrations.

For the launch of this collection, the brand was supported by their friends – Bytha Novela and Astrid Satwika for Chapter one: Pathless Sea, Caca Tengker and Raisha Syarfuan for Chapter two: Revival, and Aurora Kalista and Marchella FP for Chapter three: Imago. Here’s a sneak peek of the pretty collection…

Chapter One – Pathless Sea “Live for the long walks by the beach, the colors of the sky, and the places to be discovered”

The first out of three collections, Pathless Sea is an interpretation of a desire to discover. If you see it closely, the design resembles a patchwork – like globe surrounded by colors. That, according to the collaborators, is an invitation to see the world with a different perspective.

Chapter Two – Revival “Conquer the unknown, embrace your passion”

The second chapter – Revival, brings us the excitement of starting a journey. It aims to remind us to embrace our passion, and to not be afraid of facing challenges.  This pastel-themed design surely will be a perfect companion for your daily adventure!

Chapter Three – Imago “Make memories in different places, fill your life with different colors”

Last but not least is the final chapter – Imago. It represents the warmth of self-discovery.  The pretty design filled with warm colors is a portrayal of life full of colors. So pretty, isn’t it?

Now – which one is my favorite? I found it very hard to choose at first, all three collections are so captivating to me! But finally I made a choice.. and managed to bring it to my latest travel to Lombok two weeks ago.

Taken by @debucung at Merese Hill, Lombok
Taken by @debucung at Merese Hill, Lombok

What do you think? 😀
Oh and btw – this collection can be yours too, it’s currently open for pre-order until the 31st of October. Hurry up and go check out Allura’s website or instagram. Happy shopping! 😉

Komunal 88 Cafe Market

Last week I received an invitation through this post to visit a newly opened Cafe in Kemang area called Komunal 88 Cafe Market – to try their Croissant. Since I am a self-proclaimed Croissant enthusiast, I decided to visit the Cafe last Saturday!

Komunal 88

When I arrived, I was greeted by a friendly waitress by the name of Agustina and she showed me around the cafe before I got seated.  As you can see, Komunal 88 is still on Soft Opening period, she said that they still don’t have a complete menu. But since I came there for the Croissant, I did not give too much of attention to the menu.

Open Kitchen

I loved what I saw. The cafe looks sleek and modern but at the same time comfortable. I can imagine spending time here to work or simply hanging out with my family or friends. Since I came there for brunch at around 10 AM, I also saw that most guests besides myself were expat families.

Okay, let’s talk about the Croissant now.

The Croissant (70 gr), is priced at IDR 12.000. I think the price is reasonable, judging by the size. I was intrigued to have a bite the moment I saw this lovely bunch! Soooo tempting, right?


The croissant (and all bakery items, for that matter), are baked fresh daily. No wonder it looks so tempting. As much as I like that they take quality really serious, but I could not help but wonder about the taste. Is it the kind of food that’s only pretty but not that delicious to be eaten?

Croissant Komunal88

Of course not! I hope my pictures can do the justice, but the croissant is so good! It’s definitely one of the best croissants I’ve had in Jakarta. It has the prefect golden color, showing that it was perfectly baked. It’s crispy on the outside – that crispy, you know when you chew it, you can hear yourself crunching. BUT, it has a moist and fluffy filling inside, making it so chewy at the same time. OH-SO-GOOD! I give it 5 out of 5 stars for price, appearance, and of course – taste.

Komunal 88
Crispy on the outside, chewy inside

Moving on, I spent a good 2 hours in the cafe. While I was there I actually finished some blog post drafts, hehehe. Of course, I also got to try their other food and drinks in addition to the croissant. First, I had a portion of Parmigiano Puffs (IDR 15.000) and Flat White (IDR 40.000). While Flat White is self explanatory (it tasted good, for sure!), Parmigiano Puffs is a unique to me because that’s the first time I had one. Translated literally it is a cheese puff, a bit like choux, with apparent cheese taste. I think it’s the perfect nibbles.

Parmigiano Puffs
Parmigiano Puffs

Then as I was thirsty, I asked for another drink. My waiter recommended me to try their Black Lemon Coffee (IDR 35.000). It was described to have a strong lemon taste, making it fresh, but with a taste of coffee at the same time. Sounds interesting, right? When I tried it, the description I was told was true! It is a unique drink, giving you a fresh feeling plus a delicious taste of coffee. Perfect for a hot afternoon.

Black Lemon Coffee Komunal88
Black Lemon Coffee

So far I’ve told you about the food and drinks that I had – all delicious and beyond my expectation. What I also love about Komunal 88 is that they are very serious in everything that they do. Like how they sell merchandise – but not ordinary ones. All are nicely designed, plus with a good cause. Like the tumblers, for example. It’s meant to reduce plastics, and every time you buy a drink with the tumbler for takeaway, the drink will be half-price.

Oh, another interesting fact – Komunal 88 also adapts an old Italian custom – Suspended Coffee. Whenever you feel like doing something good for others, buy a cup of suspended coffee (or water/bread) here and it will be given to an anonymous after you left.


Did I enjoy my visit? Will I come back? Of course 🙂
When you are in Kemang area, don’t forget to pay a visit! Have a great week and stay safe, fellow Jakartans!

Komunal 88 Cafe Market
Jalan Ampera Raya 5-6
Pejaten Barat
Tel: +62 21 7197000