Morningville Jakarta

Morningville is a new all day brunch place in Jalan Wijaya 1. Located under Conclave co-working space, Morningville offers comfort brunch food and a cosy-greenish atmosphere.

My friends and I were invited to their grand opening last week and got to try some of their food. Here’s what I think of them.

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Bali with The Family

Last week I went to Bali with my family. By family, I mean not only my mum and brother, but also my cousins and aunt. In total, there were 3 families that went. My family, my cousin and his wife, my aunt, another cousin with his wife, and little daughter. We used to go on a family holiday at least once a year when our dads were still alive, back when we were kids. But as we grow up, we rarely go on a holiday together due to various reasons. So, this holiday was the first in many many years. We were so excited!

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3 Pilihan Kopi di Convenience Store

Sebagai (orang yang ngakunya) peminum kopi, berkantor di daerah Jakarta Barat yang dikelilingi pabrik pabrik berarti tidak mudah bagi saya untuk mendapatkan asupan kopi harian. Oh iya, sebelum lanjut, ngopi disini maksudnya hanya 1 jenis ya, yaitu latte atau flat white – dan biasanya panas.

Karena kebetulan saya sering menghabiskan waktu di jalanan Jakarta (alias sering kena macet), saya jadi lumayan sering beli kopi sambil jalan (To-go yah bahasa Inggrisnya?). Memang sih banyak kedai kopi yang bisa menyediakan pilihan to-go, tapi di Selasa Indonesia kali ini saya mau berbagi Top 3 minuman latte panas di Convenience Store Jakarta, versi saya 🙂

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What #ChristaLikes This January

January is almost over and I can say it has set a pretty good mood for 2017 so far. Yay! I’ve started to do more of the things I like, and here I am on my 2nd #ChristaLikes post in this blog. In this post, I’ll share the things that I like this January, such as:

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DON! DON! Pondok Indah

That one Saturday afternoon, I was doing some errands in Pondok Indah area when I found this restaurant, located almost hidden in Pondok Indah Plaza 2.

You can instantly tell that DON! DON! is a Japanese restaurant just by looking at its door. They placed a menu board outside the door so potential guests can have a peek at their menu, and that’s exactly what I did.

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I know my last posts were not the cheeriest, so for now I’m going to share a list of the things that I like. I’ve started to use the hashtag #ChristaLikes on Instagram a while ago and now it’s time to elaborate it further on this blog! Watch this space because there will be more of this kind of post in the future… 🙂

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