Not Your Ordinary Burger Place

A couple of months back, there’s a viral video floating around my Facebook timeline about a new concept of McDonalds, called McDonalds Next. Located in Hong Kong, it was said to be the first in the world, one of a kind.. and this is the kind of news that would excite my brother and I 😀

So it’s very much predictable that we put McDonalds Next in our itinerary. It is located in Admiralty MTR station, which is just 1 station away from Wan Chai – where we were staying. So, we went there for dinner on our second day.

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‘Tiga Dara’ The Movie

Tiga Dara is an Indonesian musical/romantic comedy movie made in the 50s starring Chitra Dewi, Mieke Wijaya, and Indriati Iskak – all have become Indonesian movie legends ever since. I don’t know much about Indonesian movies but it’s safe to say that this movie is rather legendary based on the facts that it was remade several times (first in 1980s and another one is due to be released this September). Recently the movie was restored and played in mainstream cinemas across the country, and I had the chance to see it with my family.

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Dansa di Hujan

Hari Minggu yang lalu saya pergi ke sebuah festival di Jakarta, namanya We The Fest. Ini bukan kali pertama saya hadir sih, tahun – tahun sebelumnya saya juga hadir, maklum festival semacam ini menarik sekali buat saya karena bisa nonton banyak musisi dalam satu acara.

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Pengalaman 1 Day Juice Cleanse

Kemarin ini Naked Press Juicery menghubungi saya dan mengajak saya mencoba paket Juice Cleanse yang diberi nama “Naked Press Cleanse“. Ada 2 pilihan paket; 1 hari atau 3 hari. Saya pilih yang 1 hari dulu, maklum, pemula. 🙂

Juice Cleanse disini maksudnya selama 1 hari saya hanya mengkonsumsi jus sesuai paket yang sudah diatur dan diselingi air putih. Wow. Terdengar berat ya… Awalnya saya ragu, tapi begitu membaca manfaatnya saya jadi merasa tertantang dan akhirnya setuju untuk mencoba.

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How Technology Saved The Day

Today’s R’s birthday and it is another birthday we spend apart. At first I wanted to postpone all celebration until he’s in town in the next couple of months (newsflash: he’s coming to Jakarta!! yay!!), but I still felt that I wanted to do something on the birthday. After having done some research, I found several present options and was able to send him something, right on time. Come to think of it again, technology has helped a lot in our long-distance relationship and I’ll share some of my findings/reviews in this post.

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What I’ve been Listening to This May

Around this time last year I posted this post in which I shared a list of newly released music that I was excited about. Well lately I’ve been discovering a lot of new releases from my favorite artists as well and it got me thinking, perhaps May is the time to release new music?

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Christa gets a Makeover! 

If you know me IRL, you’d know that I change my hair style quote often. By hair style though, I mean length. Sometimes I grow my hair long, and when I think it reached a certain length, I decided to cut it short. Long-short-long-short. But that’s about it. I never color my hair, and I can’t live without a hair straightener.

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