I woke up like usual today, realized that I don’t have to go to work, and went back to sleep. By the time I woke up again, it was already past 8 AM and I panicked quite a bit. Oh, I’m late! Then, again, I realized that, I don’t have work.

I got up, went to the kitchen, opened the cabinet, and found 2 unopened expired cereal boxes. I threw them away. The third box was safe. I opened it, grabbed a bowl, poured milk, realized that I almost run out, and made a mental note to go buy it later today. Then I sat in silence, just eating, almost in disbelief that I was not at work. I was always rushing to work in the morning and barely had time to eat breakfast, so this morning was a nice change.

So I quit my job. My first corporate job in the US. It did not last long but I had to prioritize myself. Thankfully I already accepted an offer from another company, that I will start next month.

Today was my first day of FUNemployement, which I spent mostly cleaning the house. I have been neglecting it for the last couple of months. I was too stressed out and tired because of everything that was happening. But today I felt like I started to get my groove back! Yay, small wins!

I apologize for the lack of updates. I haven’t even responded to the comments I received in my last post. Know that I read it all, but I was too exhausted. I put off blogging for a while, now I hope that this post can be a good start. I am enjoying this, I feel on a roll.

So, what’s next? This week is Thanksgiving week in the US. My Mom and Brother are here visiting, it’s been nice to have them around, so nice that I started to have separation anxiety whenever I think that they will eventually leave. I try not to think about it too much, and try to cherish every moment.

I will start my new job next month (a couple more days!) and will be a 100% remote employee. I’ve never worked fully remote so this will be exciting! Wish me luck x

Wherever you are, I hope you are surrounded by love this holiday season. Here’s to good health and company! Until next post x

I Have Less Friends Now, and That’s Okay

I was on my lunch break at work and I saw an instagram story by a friend of mine. We first met through blog back in the days, but somehow got into the same university although different colleges. She posted something where she tagged, surprisingly, another friend of mine. Friend number 2 and I went to the same college in university. I didn’t know friend number 1 and number 2 know each other… until I realized that they were at one point, colleagues.

Ah, small world. That’s Jakarta to me. When I still lived there, I had a multiple circle of friends, and I found joy in finding connections between my circles. I would often be part of, or even host multi-circle gatherings, which may consist of my classmates, and then a friend’s classmate, or another friend’s colleague… you get the idea. I would meet new people, new friends, and the circle would keep growing, hahaha it does sound tiring now as I’m writing this but there was a time where I was happy to be a part of it.

Seeing the instagram story today made me realize that here in the United States, I don’t have that many friends, and I don’t think I ever will. I only have 2 circle of friends, one that I know from my husband and one that I know myself. At one point I tried to expand my circle, I tried to make friends at university, or even at my Barre class, but none actually made it past the “acquaintance” or “social media friends” part.

I have a good relationship with the people from work but it’s hard to consider them as part of my circle. I think my perception of friendship changes over time, and for the most part, being an immigrant has a lot to do with it.

As an immigrant, I think I’m keeping my circle small, but that circle is my extended family. As an immigrant, I have to rebuild my network, similar to what I did growing up in Jakarta, but here, they way I’m building it is purely for business. There’s got to be something in exchange. And that’s okay.

I used to think that making friends is the biggest struggle as an immigrant. I understand why, considering how social I was back home. But now, as time passes, I realize that it’s not the case. The biggest struggle is actually comparing things here vs back home. Once I do it less (hard to say that I completely avoid it), I came to understand and accept that I have less friends now, and that’s okay. After all, quality > quantity, right? 🙂

Series of thoughts

I dont even know what 4th of July is supposed to mean. Independence Day, sure. But the more I read, the more I begin to question.

I don’t understand Indonesians’obsession with uniform. “Oh, here’s a matching kitchen towel for you, it will look nice”. “Let’s all buy this pink kaftan to our cousin’s wedding”. Why does it have to be the exact same pink kaftan? Why can’t I wear my own pink kaftan that I brought from Indonesia, one that I’ve prepared for special occasions like these? I can understand dress code and color code.. but uniform?

I miss my family and friends so, so bad. Of all the things that are happening in Indonesia, nothing I want more than being able to see them in person. So until then, I can only pray for their health and safety. Until then.

I feel like I’m at this weird position where I feel really blessed to be able to write this post while enjoying my brunch at a coffee shop, but at the same time I am holding down my tears because as soon as I start to think “aaah this is nice” while sipping my coffee, I thought of my mom and brother who hasnt been really out from their home for 1,5 years now. That was a weird sentence, but I guess it represents my thoughts lately. Cluttered.

I feel bloated lately but most days I dont have the energy to exercise or even go out. I just want to leyeh-leyeh all day.

I am obsessed with Jang Kiyong and Hyeri in My Roommate is a Gumiho. The series is so unrealistic (it’s a fantasy romcom anyway), but it makes me smile, it’s light and filled with fluff, exactly what I need this time.

Thank you for reading my thoughts. I’ve finished my coffee and I’m going home. We’re making Bakso for lunch, my inlaws are coming over. Stay safe and healthy, friends!

5 Months On The Job

Waktu pertama kali nulis draft ini, gue baru sekitar sebulan kerja. Ternyata sekarang udah masuk bulan ke-5 hahaha, telat banget deh. Jadi judulnya diganti lah. Anyway ini tulisan singkat aja, mumpung lagi lunch break nih ehehe… pengen cerita beberapa hal yang udah gue pelajarin selama kerja dan juga beberapa perbedaan atau persamaan situasi kerja disini dan di Jakarta dulu.

Hal – hal yang gue pelajari

Jadi gue kan cukup baru ya di posisi sekarang ini. Udah gitu industri nya juga baru, teknologi. Untuk posisi gue, yaitu Customer Success, salah satu skill yang penting banget dimiliki adalah skill mendengarkan. Gue liat rata – rata penyebab masalah muncul atau masalah susah diselesaikan tuh karena salah satu pihak kurang ngedengerin pihak lainnya. Kalaupun iya, kayak nggak bener – bener di dengerin gitu loh, cuma sebatas lalu aja.

Jadi gue lagi belajar, pentingnya ngedengerin lawan bicara gue dalam kerjaan. Apalagi customer. Penting banget buat gue untuk bisa mengerti masalah yang dia hadapi, kemauan dia, dan bahkan background nya si customer supaya gue bisa kasih solusi paling baik buat dia.

Terus karena gue kerja di perusahaan kecil yang modelnya seperti start up, gue jadi belajar buat wear many hats di kerjaan gue. Iya titel resmi nya customer success tapi gue juga kerjain marketing, project management, dan sebagainya. Hal ini cukup bikin kaget karena selama ini perjalanan karir gue di perusahaan multinasional yang udah punya struktur jelas, semua ada scope nya masing – masing.

Satu lagi, gue belajar jadi mentor! Hihihi. Salah satu program di kantor gue ini adalah mentorship, dimana karyawan baru di pasangin sama karyawan yang udah lebih lama. Walaupun gue baru 5 bulan, tapi per minggu ini gue kedapetan 1 mentee yang baru aja masuk hari Senin kemarin hehe. Jadilah gue musti belajar gimana jadi mentor yang baik dan juga memastikan dia bisa maju dalam kerjaannya dia. Bagian ini cukup membuat gue semangat sih.

Perbandingan Kerja di US dan di Indonesia

Kayaknya untuk sekarang gue gak bakal cerita terlalu detail untuk bagian ini, secara dari segi waktu perbandingannya belum banyak. Tapi satu hal yang mulai berasa, disini kayaknya agak lebih susah dapat kolega se-asik waktu kerja di Indonesia huhuhu.. rata -rata disini kolega ya jadi kolega aja, nggak lantas jadi teman deket banget bangetan kayak waktu gue kerja dulu di perusahaan minuman (you know who you are!).

Sebenernya masih mau cerita lebih banyak tapi jam makan siang udah mau kelar, jadi nanti di lanjut yaa.. hehe. Semoga teman2 semua sehat ya! Until next time! 🙂


Wow what a year 2020 was. I still remember how I spent 2020 New Year’s Eve. R and I went to our friend’s place for dinner, we met everybody and left early to go to LA’s Grand Park at Downtown, where LA’s annual NYE party was held. Much like NYC’s Times Square, only in smaller scale. It was both of our first time going to the event although it was an annual thing. R said he usually just spend NYE at home or with his friends. We were excited to be in the crowd, there were small stages with live music, photo booths, lots of food trucks.. we definitely felt the vibe and excitement. Then came the countdown. To be completely honest it wasn’t major but now, looking back, it seemed like it was everything. Light show, music, and mass countdown, shouting “Happy New Year!” to fellow Angelenos.. wow. If only we knew what was going to happen in the following months…

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