12 Tips to Enjoy Coachella!

Coachella this year is happening soon and I know a lot of people are excited about it already. As Coachella is no ordinary festival, it is really advisable to plan your trip carefully. Especially if you are traveling from outside the US like myself last year.

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A Hollywood Experience

Back in 2013, when I was visiting LA – me, my boyfriend, and our friends went to downtown LA for a late night snack. We chose Fred 62 near East Hollywood – a 24 hours diner.

We sat outside, ordered some light meals and drinks, and just hung out. What started as an ordinary event, turned out to be extraordinary because of what happened next.

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Things to do in Las Vegas

What to do in Vegas when you don’t party, drink alcohol, and gamble?

Before I went to the US, all I know of Las Vegas were the three things mentioned above – party, drinks, and gambling. At first I was hesitant to put Las Vegas on my itinerary but R said there are lots of good buffet restaurants so I was sold, haha. I first went there in 2013 and went again during my 2015 visit. So what did I do there? What do I like so much about Las Vegas that I visited it every time I went to the US?

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Belle and Sebastian at Coachella 2015

Belle and Sebastian are an indie pop band from Scotland from the 90s and I have been a fan for over 10+ years now. Their songs played a major part in my college days in the 2000s – an era where I spent so much time browsing for new music and listening to different kinds of them.

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2015 US Trip – Week Three

This is part of the 2015 US Trip series. If you haven’t already, do read my first and second week stories first! 🙂

Monday 27 April 

After a weekend well-spent with friends and family, on Monday me and R went to downtown LA. We had lunch at Little Tokyo, which was surprisingly empty. Too bad I can’t remember the name of the restaurant, but I can tell you that the meal was so-so, thus no need to be discussed further :p

Little Tokyo

After lunch we decided to go to Old town Pasadena. It was an impromptu decision, and we decided to take the Metro! So we went to Union Station where R parked his car and took the Metro to Pasadena. Actually, it was not my first time inside the station but this time we had more time for sightseeing and taking pictures because we did not have any fixed schedule..

Although I have never been to NYC’s Grand Central Terminal, I think Union Station has its own charm and is veryy pretty as well.

Union Station
Metro Station

It was a sunny day in Pasadena but since me and R were enjoying our quality time, I did not take that many pictures, instead we spent our time walking around the main street. By that I also mean me going in and out of shops with R patiently accompanying :p

Welcome to Old Pasadena!

When we got back to Union Station from Pasadena, we realised we still have some time before sunset, suddenly R took me to what he called “a romantic park”. Hahahaha. The park – Vista Hermosa Park – is located in downtown LA, in a middle of what seemed like an ordinary neighborhood. But just look at this view…

Vista Hermosa Park
Vista Hermosa Park

Tuesday 28 April 

On Tuesday we had a movie date! we went to a neighborhood mall and saw this movie called “Unfriended“, a teen – horror movie. The movie was so – so, but still it was good to finally have a movie date after two years! *LDR problem*

Afterwards we had lunch at the mall, then went to downtown LA again for a cup of coffee. This time I wanted to try Go Get Em Tiger, which I found from Instagram :p The coffee was good, most definitely will visit again the next time I’m in town.

Later that day, we met R’s friend at Anaheim Packing District. It is a foodcourt but designed in a fancy way, which has lots of interesting and delicious food stalls ranging from Indian to Southern American. Yummm~

Anaheim Packing District

Wednesday 29 April 

We went to LA’s Farmers Market that day. This iconic market has been in the business since 1934 and is home to many delicious food and groceries stalls, like these pictures below:

LA’s Farmers Market
LA’s Farmers Market

But my highlight was Pampas Grill – a Brazilian Churrascaria stall located inside the market. If you are an avid meat eater like myself, be sure not to miss this when you visit the market. Did I take any pictures? sadly no, I was too busy eating 😦 :p

Thursday 30 April 

We did not do much on my last full day in LA. We went to the OC in the afternoon to try the much talked about Afters Ice Cream, then went back to LA to have dinner with R’s family. Then I spent the night just resting and packing (so much to pack, so little time!)

Btw – Afters Ice Cream is a must go when you’re in Orange County area. Try their Milky Bun, it is to-die-for!

Afters Ice Cream
Afters Ice Cream

Friday 1 May

Last day in the US :(((((((((

Don’t have much to share for that day.. so let me just share this picture that I took on my way to the airport.

Last sunset in LA 😦

Bye LA, I’ll see you soon (hopefully!).