Hong Kong Travel Diary (2)

This is part two of my Hong Kong Travel Diary series. Read part one here 

Day 2 – Saturday 10th September 

Our first agenda for that day was to meet my best friend Jinitya and her little family for brunch. As she was staying in Wan Chai area as well, we decided to meet around the area and found a place to eat. But first, coffee.

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3 Cities I Don’t Want to Revisit

Most times, traveling to a new place is fun. Excitement kicks in just as you arrived to the destination; eager to explore, and ready to embark on an adventure. Woohoo!

Unfortunately, there are times when the excitement quickly fades away, due to various reasons. Things may not be as you think they would be, when you were planning your trip; your expectation of a destination may be higher than the reality.

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Penang Trip: The one with the CNY celebrations

It was the first day of Chinese New Year and we did not have a lot of things left to do in our itinerary.  We decided to relax, enjoying the hotel while packing our stuffs. At around 10 we left the hotel for a last minute walk around George Town. We wanted to visit The Blue Mansion but well, it was closed for the New Year celebration.

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Penang Trip: The one where we walked a lot

Our day started early, despite staying up late the previous day. We were just too excited to explore Penang! We had complimentary breakfast at the hotel then walked to our first destination: Pinang Peranakan Mansion. It took us around 10 minutes to get there, very convenient.

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Penang Trip : The one where we ate a lot!

We arrived in Penang Saturday afternoon, after a mere 2.5 hours flight from Jakarta. Upon arrival, we took Uber straight to George Town, where our hotel – Ren i Tang is located (I will review the hotel in a separate post!). George Town is one of UNESCO world heritage sites and a popular tourist spot. Since it was our first time in Penang and we only had 2 nights.. staying in George Town was perfect.

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My friend’s Indian wedding 

By now I guess most of you already know that I went to Mumbai last month to attend a wedding. I’ve shared stories about the city, about the food, even some travel and visa tips (the latter is in Bahasa Indonesia).But what about the wedding? Okay, although it is rather overdue… here goes! 😀  Continue reading “My friend’s Indian wedding “

Pengalaman Mengurus Tourist Visa on Arrival Untuk Liburan ke India

Tahukah kamu, kalau India punya fasilitas Tourist Visa on Arrival (TVoA) yang berlaku untuk warga negara Indonesia? Dengan fasilitas ini, WNI yang masuk ke India lewat 9 bandara, yaitu: Bengaluru, Chennai,Cochin,Delhi ,Goa, Hyderabad,Kolkata,Mumbai & Trivandrum. Biayanya US$ 60 dan visanya berlaku 30 hari sejak hari kedatangan di India. Oh iya, visa – nya single entry ya, dan kita hanya bisa daftar untuk TVoA ini dua kali dalam setahun kalendar.  Continue reading “Pengalaman Mengurus Tourist Visa on Arrival Untuk Liburan ke India”