Bali with The Family

Last week I went to Bali with my family. By family, I mean not only my mum and brother, but also my cousins and aunt. In total, there were 3 families that went. My family, my cousin and his wife, my aunt, another cousin with his wife, and little daughter. We used to go on a family holiday at least once a year when our dads were still alive, back when we were kids. But as we grow up, we rarely go on a holiday together due to various reasons. So, this holiday was the first in many many years. We were so excited!

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An Afternoon in Bandung

The date was December 24th – Christmas Eve. I woke up early, and rushed to catch a bus to Bandung that was scheduled to leave at 6 AM. I managed to get to the station on time and jumped into the bus. Not long after the bus departed, I fell asleep but only to woke up again not long after due to the uncomfortable seat. Repeat for about 10 times until I finally made it to Bandung.

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Short Break

Hello from Bali airport!

I am writing this while waiting to board the plane… so, this weekend I was in Bali with my Thai friend from university who is doing an Indonesian trip together with her friends.

They have been to Bromo – Ijen and are now spending 4 days in Bali to close off the road trip, so I decided to meet them and spent the weekend here.

I decided to fly from Jakarta straight after work on Friday because I thought I wanted some me-time to relax. I browsed a hotel nearby the airport and found a hotel which seemed nice, with a lovely pool, and was on sale! So I booked it.

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Tips Berburu Tiket Murah di Travel Fair

Di Jakarta, biasanya bulan Februari – April adalah masanya Travel Fair. Travel Fair adalah tempat dimana kamu bisa mendapatkan berbagai penawaran dan promo menarik terkait kegiatan travel. Yang paling umum sih, diskon tiket pesawat yang gede – gedean!

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24 hours in Bandung

Last weekend me and my friends went to Bandung. There were four of us and we’ve known each other since we joined the same company back in 2011. Though now two of us don’t work there anymore (including myself!), we remain close friends and occasionally travel together. This trip was special because it’s the last trip before one of us left to Melbourne to study. So it’s like a farewell trip too :’).

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Mesmerised by Lombok – Day two

Back then, all I knew of Lombok was only its beaches. Well, only 1 beach to be exact – Senggigi beach. Then I heard about the Gilis. Of course I have heard of Mt. Rinjani, but had no interest – so I practically knew nothing about it. Then on my recent trip I was told that part of the itinerary was going to the village underneath Mt. Rinjani which is called Sembalun. Unlike my first day in Lombok (read the story here) which was full of beaches and blue sky.. the second day was about adventure and greeneries!

Since our hotel was located in Mataram area which is located in the west part of Lombok, we had a long drive to reach the north-east part of Lombok, where Sembalun village is located. I remember it was around 3 hours, including some stops here are there to buy snacks and to take pictures because really, the view was just spectacular!

On our way to Sembalun
On our way to Sembalun
On our way to Sembalun pt.2
On our way to Sembalun pt.2
On our way to Sembalun pt.3

With views like those, surely being on the road for around three hours was not so bad at all. Without me noticing, we arrived at our first destination – Sembalun villageWe were greeted by nothing but greeneries, I found it so refreshing to my eyes! @debucung our trip planner then drove the car to a small alley and after parking the car, he told us to walk for a while. Without knowing where were we going, I walked and was greatly surprised when I saw this view after a little hike to a small hill…

What a view~
What a view~

Seriously I have never seen anything like that before ;’). After spending some time in the hill, we continued our trip to a nearby village and parked our car there. We then continued our journey using a motorcycle for each of us with a local guide. The journey was around 20 minutes and it was not smooth at all! Whew! quite an adventure for me! After 20 minutes on a motorcycle, we then reached another “pit stop” and parked our motorcycle there. From here – the journey was on foot. All was to see three waterfalls – Kuda Sembrani, Mangku Kodek, and Mangku Sakti.

We walked for another 15 minutes with views like these…

On my way to the waterfalls..
On my way to the waterfalls..
On my way to the waterfalls..

Until we finally reached the first waterfall – Kuda Sembrani. We had our lunch there, picnic style.. and it was a memorable one. It’s not everyday you got to have lunch with a view like this, right?

Kuda Sembrani Waterfall
Kuda Sembrani Waterfall

After lunch we spent some time just playing in the waters, relaxing after a long journey. Without we realising, it was almost dark! So we quickly made our way to the next waterfall.. Mangku Kodek.

Now, this is an interesting one. To be able to see the waterfall, one must actually go through the waters which was around the height of my waist. The tide was quite strong (well not that strong but I could feel it enough), so we really had to be careful when walking. It wasn’t far though, but still quite an effort. But when I saw the waterfall, it was worth it. Although it’s not that big, but the atmosphere was so pretty, I haven’t seen anything like that before. I also managed to “climb” a rock and spent some time admiring the beautiful view.

Mangku Kodek
Mangku Kodek Waterfall

The last destination of that day was Mangku Sakti waterfall. From the three, this one was the biggest. But we did not stay long there because the sun’s was about to set. So we used all the time we had left to take pictures and just enjoy our surroundings 🙂

Mangku Sakti Waterfall
Mangku Sakti Waterfall

And that wraps our second day in Lombok. Our journey back felt like it happened in an instant, I don’t really remember. All I remember was feeling so tired (but happy!) I even slept in the car hehehe. To be honest, it really has been a while since I last spend time in the wild. It was really refreshing, especially that I am normally more of a beach than mountain person.

What about you, which one are you – beach or mountain person?

‘Til next posts! 😀