Back to the UK!

After 12 years, finally!!! Temen2 blog lama mungkin masih inget kalo aku dulu pernah kuliah di Bournemouth, kota kecil di selatan Inggris. Setahun aja, tapi berkesan banget bangetan. Sejak aku lulus, aku belum pernah balik lagi ke Inggris, walaupun udah nabung2 pengen liburan, eh tapi jodohku di Amerika jadi malah belok haluan 😀

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Ah, December’s here. My favorite month of the year (birthday month!yay!). Yes, I’m one of those people who’s always excited about birthdays. Though I’m not a fan of big celebration anymore, I’m still hyped about the day.

I started my new job yesterday. I work in a start-up environment now, working remotely, with all of my colleagues spread across the US. In fact, we don’t have an office! Coming from a corporate background, I’m still adapting to how things work. I plan to master all the tools this week before I jump into actual work next week. My manager and colleagues are all so supportive, so I am hopeful that this is the start of something great. Fingers crossed!

My family and I went to San Francisco for Thanksgiving weekend. Surprisingly, the weather was very nice. We stayed there for 2 days and it was sunny all along! We went to Sausalito and of course, the Golden Gate. We also ate at Japantown and did a bit of coffeeshop hopping. San Francisco is always a good idea! ❤

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving if you celebrated it. Otherwise, tell me your plan for the holiday season! I will share mine in the next post x

Tentang Kerja Sampingan

Selamat Tahun Baru! Selamat ketemu lagi di post Selasa Indonesia di tahun 2021. Mau cerita soal kerjaan yang baru saya jalani sejak bulan November tahun lalu, yaitu jadi delivery driver untuk sebuah aplikasi antar makanan dan barang. Kita sebut aja aplikasi P. Saya sempat cerita sedikit di Twitter sih jadi mungkin ada yang bakal berulang, tapi kali ini mau cerita lebih lengkap hehe.

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Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself

Last Christmas I went to Bali with two girlfriends. I’ve known them from my grad school days in the UK. During that one year period, they were two of my closest friends – N and P. While P is Indonesian and I got to meet her regularly, N is Russian – she’s still living the UK, and I haven’t met her since I left – five years ago. We still keep in touch though, and finally, she decided to visit Indonesia.

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