Sister Sister Sister

We were chilling at home when I received an email from an event tickets marketplace. The email basically saying that HAIM concert would be tonight and prompt me to check out ticket prices. It turned out that we were lucky (wait, let me rephrase – I was lucky because R doesn’t really listen to them), we managed to score 2 tickets for 50% off!

The concert was held in a small theatre about 45 minutes away from where we live, in Pomona. With a few clicks, we purchased the tickets, got ready, and left.

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Nikah itu Nggak Gampang

Baru – baru ini saya baca beberapa artikel soal nikah dari media di Indonesia. Artikel pertama dari website feminis dimana si reporter menggabungkan dirinya ke dalam grup yang diprakarsai oleh gerakan Indonesia Tanpa Pacaran. Masih berhubungan dengan artikel pertama, saya kemudian baca artikel soal selebgram beridentitas Muslim yang ramai mengadvokasi soal nikah muda dan nggak pakai pacaran. Terakhir, saya ngikuti sekilas soal “keramaian” di Instagram yang terkait dua selebgram ibukota soal nikah dan punya anak.

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Our First Ever Road Trip!

The trip actually happened during last Christmas break but I haven’t had the chance to write about it until now.. so.. yeah :)))

Although we just got back from Indonesia, R suddenly realised that his office would be closed from Christmas until New Year so we decided to have a mini-vacation. We initially wanted to go to New York but obviously, it was not a good idea because we didn’t plan it in advance so flight ticket prices were skyrocketing!

We then decided to go on a road trip to nearby state and this time we chose to go to Utah. We had 4 days and the trip was super unplanned and I feel like we could’ve planned it better, but anyway it was a fun trip and memorable because it was our first one.

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A Good Day

My love for the beach started when I lived in Bournemouth. It was a small beach town and although I didn’t live by the beach, the beach is only a mere 15 minutes away from where I lived. Although it was cold at most times, I used to go to the beach after class or after I got off from work, just to enjoy the atmosphere while waiting for sunset.

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Vendor Acara Pernikahan Kami

Hello! Balik lagi di Selasa Indonesia 🙂 seperti waktu itu yang saya udah janji, segera setelah foto – foto pernikahan saya terima dari fotografer, saya akan cerita lebih lengkap di blog ini. Kebetulan, foto – foto lengkap pernikahan saya baru aja sampai ke Amerika, dibawakan dalam bentuk USB oleh sepupu kami yang bulan Februari ini main kesini. Makanya saya rasanya baru kepengen cerita sekarang dengan foto yang lengkap 🙂 Oke, ngga usah panjang – panjang lagi ini karena post nya bakal panjang, langsung aja saya mulai review vendor acara pernikahan kami ya!

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Amateur Barista in the Making

Back in Jakarta, I was a heavy coffee drinker. Along with coffee shop boom there, I got myself more accustomed to drinking coffee and started to think that Starbucks coffee has no taste :p Going to coffee shops or roaster was almost a daily routine as it was easy and considerably cheap.

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