Morningville Jakarta

Morningville is a new all day brunch place in Jalan Wijaya 1. Located under Conclave co-working space, Morningville offers comfort brunch food and a cosy-greenish atmosphere.

My friends and I were invited to their grand opening last week and got to try some of their food. Here’s what I think of them.

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On Fairy Tale Weddings

Now that I have started to think about getting married, last weekend I went to a wedding fair in outskirts of Jakarta to browse around and find inspirations.

The fair was huge! It took place in a big hall with over 100 of vendors. They came from different categories too, ranging from venues to hand bouquets (Yes, I found one vendor which specialises on hand bouquets only!)… basically everything that you need for a wedding.

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3 Alasan Saya Naksir iPhone 7 Baru

Sejak pertama kali memiliki handphone iPhone 5 beberapa tahun yang lalu, saya mendeklarasikan diri sebagai pengguna iOS sejati. iPhone 5 saya sukses bertahan selama 2 tahun hingga akhirnya harus rela dicopet orang ☹ .  Setelah itu, saya menggunakan iPhone 6 yang masih awet saya gunakan hingga saat ini.

Walaupun banyak handphone dengan sistem operasi Android yang kelihatan menggoda, tapi hingga saat ini saya masih belum mau pindah haluan dan masih pengguna iOS setia. Apalagi ketika baru – baru ini iPhone 7 sudah diluncurkan di Indonesia. Aduh, rasanya tergoda sekali untuk “naik kelas” dan mengganti iPhone 6 saya dengan iPhone 7!

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Surprising Shanghai (part 3)

Hello and welcome back to my Surprising Shanghai series. Before we start, have you read part 1 and part 2 of this series? Do have a read if you haven’t! 😉

So, at the end of part 2, I ended my third day in Shanghai by walking around East Nanjing Road. I was so tired from going out all day so I decided not to wake up too early the next day, which was happen to be my last full day in Shanghai.

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Ramadan 2017

Last Ramadan I have been spending less time online and more time trying to get a deeper understanding of my faith. As an Indonesian Muslim in today’s society, I often feel like I don’t really belong to the community. The things I saw in the popular media, the things I heard from my extended network, none of them are in line with my values and beliefs. Then it got me thinking. Have I been losing my faith? How could they be saying things that seem to be contradictive with the Islam that I was brought up in, the things that I believe in? What is wrong and what is right now?

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Sunday Playlist

So I’ve recently reclaimed my old hobby, that is creating playlists. Music has always been a major part of my life, especially during my teenage/early adult days. Back then, I like to create playlists in the form of cassette mixtape for various occasions. I was fortunate to have a stereo system that comes with dual cassette deck, making it easy to record songs! I would religiously listen to radios almost every day and patiently waited for my favorite song to be played… and felt so annoyed when the announcer started to speak in the middle of a song, hahaha. #90sfirstworldproblem

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