This time next week…

This time next week I’ll be doing something out of the ordinary.
I will wake up very early in the morning and put on my comfy clothes.
I will probably skip breakfast at home and will have it later, on my way to the destination.

This time next week, I hope the traffic will be in my favor.
To think of it again, I would have to leave my house before the sun sets so I guess there won’t be any traffic. *fingers crossed*

This time next week, I will be traveling….. to India!!!!

Woohoow! The trip is actually rather unplanned for this year. You probably have known that I will be going to the US in April – so what’s up with this India trip, all of a sudden? Hint: a wedding.

Sometime around December last year, my former classmate back in Bournemouth sent me and a couple of other friends an invitation to attend his wedding in his hometown, Mumbai – Maharashtra. The wedding will be held early March (a.k.a next week!).

Image from:

You see, after graduation, I received similar invitations from my former classmates, but I haven’t been able to attend any because they were all held in Europe – it was hard for me to come. Since this one will be held in India, and India is still in Asia, and the groom-to-be was my first ever friend in class… I felt like I really really really need to go.

Of course, I had thought about it carefully. I calculated my leave days at the office – I still have some left. I checked the ticket price – Hmmm, so – so, but still within my budget. I checked the visa requirements – turns out that Indonesians are qualified for tourist visa on arrival scheme and Mumbai is one of the ports of entry that has the facility. Yay! Then I read Zilko’s posts about his India trip. He did not go to Mumbai though, but his experience was interesting! Of course I also thought how wonderful it will be to meet again with my old friends, and the thought about attending an Indian wedding really excites me.

So I bought the ticket last month, and kind of forgot about it until two weeks ago my friend set up a Whatsapp group for the guests from overseas. Fast forward to today when I realised that the trip is happening next week!!!! Waaaahh!!! 😀

I will fly from Jakarta to Singapore and then Singapore to Mumbai directly. To be honest I haven’t prepared any itinerary except going to the wedding functions – in fact I think I will only have 1 spare day during my 7 days trip there, in which I think I will spend in Mumbai only. It will be great to be able to visit Taj Mahal.. but let’s just focus on the wedding this time and who knows maybe I’ll come back to see the rest of India.

More posts about this trip, soon! have a nice day! 🙂




Work was so – so. I can’t remember what I did but I’m pretty sure I did something, haha. I  mean I arrived on time, finished my tasks and left on time as well.. so it was alright. What made Friday special was the time spent with friends after work.

Guess who? 😉

If you have been active in the Indonesian blogging scene, you might notice those happy faces in the picture, no? 😉 Yep, last Friday night I met with my blogger friends. We met because Shinta who is living in Germany is visiting Jakarta. She then organised the meeting so we could meet with fellow bloggers. Plus, I recently won a giveaway challenge on her blog so she could gave me the gifts as well. Apart from Shinta, I also met Mey, Dani, Angela, Jenita (and his brother whom I forgot the name! Sorry Jen!). Though I could not stay long but I had a great time meeting all of them. Should do it more often with more/different people! Oh btw.. can you guess who is who, in the picture? 🙂

Gift from Germany
Gifts from Germany, thank you Shinta!

After meeting them, I went to the opening night of Ling Ling Jakarta – a newly opened Modern Chinese Restaurant in Kuningan area. I will write about it on a separate post.


My Saturday started with a cosy Facetime call with the boyfriend, as usual. Then I went to Ketjil Kitchen Restaurant in Gandaria to meet with my high school besties. It was a happy meeting because two of my friends brought their babies and they were too cute! I am a happy auntie!

Afterwards, since I had some time to kill, I spent some me – time in Woodpecker Coffee, sipping flat white and munching on their banana nutella muffin (diet? what diet? haha). Then I met with my mum and cousin – we went to Rarampa Restaurant to attend a Manadonese birthday gathering (I have Manadonese blood from Mum’s side – just in case you’re wondering.. hehe). Of course in every Manadonese gathering (at least in my family), there must be a live music plus poco – poco dance session, so I danced poco-poco all night long. Hahaha kidding, not all night long, but I surely aced that dance! :p

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
Doing the poco poco dance! 😀


I planned to spend the day at home but I somehow felt the urge to go out and drive, so I did. I had no specific place to go though, so at first I was just driving around my neighborhood. There was no traffic at all and when I realised, I was already in Fatmawati area. It was around 12 PM at that time and I started to feel hungry, so I made a stop at the first restaurant that I found.

It was Mars Kitchen – a recent addition to Jakarta’s healthy food scene owned by chef Rinrin Marinka (you might notice her on TV…).

Mars Kitchen
Mars Kitchen

I love the place! I had curry rice, cold pressed juice, and gluten free chocolate cake. Food was delicious and the place is so cosy! I felt like buying all the cakes/cupcakes but too bad they currently do not accept debit/credit cards payment and I had limited cash.. so..

After having my lunch there, I drove again – this time to Kemang area. I always love going to Kemang on Sundays so I just drove around the area. Oh, I managed to stop at Goni Coffee to buy iced latte because it was soooo hot today!

I spent the rest of the afternoon at home, just resting and watching tons of Youtube videos hahaha. And now –  9 PM in Jakarta, I’m writing this blog post while listening to NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert playlist:

It has been an eventful weekend for me, indeed. Yay! What about you, how did you spend your weekend? Hope you enjoyed it!

BEC – Postcard from Santa Monica

This week’s English Friday challenge is to “Snap and tell a story“. The rules are simple; post a picture taken outdoors with a little story of the place where it was taken and why the particular picture was chosen for this challenge, all no more than 800 words. Got it! 😀

This picture was taken at Santa Monica Pier almost two years ago – September 2013 during my US Trip.

Taken from the Ferris wheel
Santa Monica Beach

Quite a view, isn’t it? 🙂

I took the picture during a ferris wheel ride with my boyfriend. It was a sunny day and we’re enjoying the day around Los Angeles. Before the sun sets, we decided to go to Santa Monica Pier for a little sightseeing. While we were there, I saw the famous Santa Monica Pier ferris wheel and wanted to ride it, so we did. The scenery was beautiful, we were enjoying the moment, all good. Now here’s an interesting fact : My boyfriend is afraid of heights. But that did not stop him from riding the ferris wheel with me!

It was indeed, one of those moments that made you feel loved <3. And for that reason I chose to share this picture in this week’s English Friday challenge.

Ah, really excited that we will be reunited soon… I hope everything will go smoothly! Have a great weekend full of love, friends! 🙂

I’m listening to: Hozier

Hozier – an Irish singer/songwriter is one of the artists that will perform on Coachella. Since I am going (YAY!), I’ve been doing some research on the artists that will perform on the 3 days weekend festival.

To be honest all I knew about Hozier prior to my research was “Take Me To Church” song, which I am indifferent about. I think it’s just alright, but it’s been overly played on the radio. Now if you saw this year’s Grammy, there’s a big chance that you are familiar with this particular performance:

The performance has been widely discussed since it involves THE Annie Lennox! I thought her performance is stellar but since I don’t really like the song… it’s not my favorite performance of the Grammys. This performance is (because I got chills watching it!):

Anyway, back to Hozier. Last weekend I decided to do more research about his songs. I was rather surprised when I heard his other songs, which I think are different than “Take Me to Church”.

Let’s have a listen to this one, called “To be Alone”.

The song started with minimal sounds of guitar and drums. Well, the song is minimal in a way, but as it is powered with his soulful singing, it has a very soulful and bluesy (is that even a word?) feeling. The lyrics uses simple words, nothing too fancy, but crafted beautifully.

And now my favorite song so far, called “Cherry Wine”.

This is a sad song, actually. I’m not sure if it’s about an abusive relationship or about one-sided love. But the song is beautiful! I can imagine a slow dance happening to the melody 🙂

To sum up my research, I fell in love with Hozier’s other songs and his voice is JUST AMAZING. Definitely going to see him on Coachella! He’s playing Saturday though, hopefully not at the same time with Belle and Sebastian.. 😀

Kenapa selingkuh?

Akhir – akhir ini saya sedang sering dengar cerita yang nggak enak.

Kisah pertama, seorang musisi lumayan terkenal di Amerika, dia sering jadi additional player di beberapa band ngetop. Musisi ini melakukan percobaan bunuh diri karena istrinya selingkuh. Sebelum melakukan hal tersebut, dia meninggalkan surat buat istrinya di blog nya dia. Dia juga sempat post beberapa foto tentang perselingkuhan istrinya di akun instagram dan twitternya. Untungnya, dia berhasil diselamatkan dan terakhir saya cek instagramnya sih masih hidup, walau ada di rumah sakit.

Kisah kedua, seorang wanita seusia saya yang mendapati pacarnya masih genit-genitan dengan beberapa wanita lain di aplikasi tinder. Kacau kan! Ketika ketahuan, mereka jadi berantem hebat dan lebih parahnya si wanita malah disakiti secara fisik. Sedih banget dengernya.

Kedua kisah diatas memang agak ekstrim, saya juga kaget ketika dengar. My heart goes to both of them . Tapi cerita perselingkuhan sebenarnya sudah bukan hal baru, ya kan.

Apa sih indikasi perselingkuhan? Kalau sudah menikah, kemudian berhubungan dengan orang lain itu saya rasa jelas ya. Tapi kalau “genit-genitan” aja? Bagi saya terhitung selingkuh. Ngapain masih melakukan hal tersebut ketika sudah punya pasangan? Di aplikasi mencari pasangan pula!

Kalau dengar cerita perselingkuhan saya tuh jadi sedikit geram. Ada banyak orang yang perlu berjuang untuk mendapatkan pasangan idaman, eh si peselingkuh ini udah punya 1, masih dianggap kurang dan mau yang lain juga!

Iya mungkin memang tidak segampang itu, ada faktor a b c d sampai z yang turut mempengaruhi. Tapi harusnya gampang! Kalau sudah berkomitmen, stick to that dan kalau sekiranya (karena berbagai macam alasan) sudah tidak mau berkomitmen lagi, keluarlah dari komitmen tersebut, baru mulai komitmen yang lain lagi. Jangan di-dobel!

Ngomong – ngomong, saya juga habis nonton film gone girl beberapa hari yang lalu. Gila juga sih film ini. Udah gitu, saya denger kabar – kabar perselingkuhan ini. Duh! Mungkin beberapa hari kedepan saya akan banyak nonton film komedi, supaya tidak terlalu kepikiran. Maklum, saya orangnya gampang kepikiran, dan punya tendensi overthinking. Hehe. Selamat hari selasa ya temans, jangan suka overthinking kayak saya 🙂

The little things

Since it’s February the 14th and I miss my boyfriend we’re all feeling the love in the air, let’s talk about my long distance relationship.

Being in a long distance relationship for quite a while now, I have received a lot of questions from people in my surroundings. Particularly, “How the two of you manage?”

Of course being in a long distance relationship have a lot of pros and cons. I’m sure there are a lot of writings about that already. So in this post I will share to you, how do we manage to survive the distance all this time!

May our path will always be showered with pretty little things despite the hurdles that may come! 🙂


The key for me is to appreciate the little things. Like how we have nicknames for each other. The nicknames somehow make us feel closer, give a more personal touch to the relationship.

Then there’s also the constant Facetime-ing. We facetime every day, when I woke up (he’s off work), during my lunch time (he’s going to bed), when he wokes up (I’m resting at home, before I go to bed) and repeat. It does not have to be long, sometimes only a 5 minute call just to tell each other a bit of story of our day. Or even just to say hello. It does not always have to be video call (depending on the internet connection or the situation), an audio call works fine too. When it’s weekend or the holidays, we try to squeeze at least an hour to have a longer conversation and talk about many things.

We also, try to introduce each other to the people in our lives. Even if, let’s say, I haven’t met his bestfriend, but at least we’ve talked on the phone and he knows who I am… vice versa. That way we won’t feel left out.

We try our best to express our love towards each other despite the distance. He does it by giving me surprises. I try, too, but somehow he always caught me off guard! Hehehe. Like what happened last night, during our facetime session…

The boyfriend: I have a confession!
Me: Okay continue…
The boyfriend: I meant to give you a surprise for Valentine’s day but I failed.. *frown*
Me: *blushing* Oh what is it? Tell me tell me!
The boyfriend: So I wanted to send you heart shaped Pizza and from Google I found a Pizza place that can do that.. Pizza Morzano?
Me: Marzano? That’s next to my office! *smiling*
The boyfriend: Exactly! But then when I called them they don’t accept credit cash payment, cash only. I meant to send it for your lunch time today but… I’m sorry..

Really, when he said he has a confession I thought he’s going to say something bad! Hahaha. Now I feel bad because I did not prepare anything for him. Oops. Hehe.

Anyway those kind of little things really help in making the distance feels shorter, don’t it? I’m enjoying our days so much that I did not realise that it’s less than two months until we meet again! Yayyyy 😀

Happy Valentine’s day for all of you! I hope you’re having a wonderful day. It is indeed just like any other day for me but of course it’s no harm to spread some love 🙂

Meet Candy, not your average girl.

Let me tell you about a girl named Candy. That’s not her real name though, but she does not want you to know that… so let’s keep this between us. Candy is in her early 20s. Maybe late. We don’t know her exact age, because she does not like birthdays. But one thing for sure, she looks young and vibrant.

Candy is preparing for her Hollywood round. Wait, what? Yep, you read it right. She just got a golden ticket from an American Idol audition in San Francisco and she is going to Hollywood! You see, Candy loves to sing, in private though. As an Asian-American, she has spent her life trying to make her parents proud. She maintained good grades since she was little, and she  even graduated from Stanford, with a degree in Computer Science. Her parents could not be more proud of her!

Image from:
Image from:

But, as they think Candy is away, building her career in Silicon Valley… she is not. In fact she’s been working as background singer from gig to gig in Los Angeles, and at the same time working on her own music. She’s been doing it for almost two years now, and finally she got the courage to audition for American Idol, in hope to make her dreams come true.

Now Candy is in a crossroad. She really, really wants this and is thrilled for the opportunities that may arise. But, she has yet to tell her parents about the whole thing and she thinks it’s not going to be smooth….

Candy’s story is, of course, fictional. She’s living a double life, having what is known to be called “Alter Ego”. I’m writing this as my entry for this week’s English Friday challenge by Blog English
Club. Read my other entries here, and I hope you enjoy them all! 🙂

P.S: Would you think that Candy, by any chance, might be my alter ego? :p