Hong Kong Travel Diary (2)

This is part two of my Hong Kong Travel Diary series. Read part one here 

Day 2 – Saturday 10th September 

Our first agenda for that day was to meet my best friend Jinitya and her little family for brunch. As she was staying in Wan Chai area as well, we decided to meet around the area and found a place to eat. But first, coffee.

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Hong Kong Travel Diary (1)

We made it to Hong Kong!

After more than 6 months planning, I finally made it to Hong Kong. Unlike my past holidays for almost the past 10 years where I normally went with friends or by myself, this one was really special because I went with my family plus R too <3.

It started with a plan to take my mum and brother for a holiday. Then I decided to set Hong Kong as the destination because it’s not too far and (I thought) not too expensive, plus they have Disneyland which we haven’t been to.

Lucky the universe seemed to conspire and last March I scored promotion tickets from Singapore Airlines from Jakarta to Hong Kong. Yay! And then when R finally decided to come to Jakarta this September, he managed to find a multi-city ticket with a good deal so he could stop by Hong Kong before reaching Jakarta. All seemed good, I was happy that he got to join our family holiday.

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The thing about Salon

You might have read this post about my recent experience when dealing with Make Up Artist for my engagement party. Long story short, I was disappointed with one when I wanted to book her. I ended up having had to find another one that suits my budget (note: it’s relatively easy to find a MUA in Jakarta if you have unlimited budget but that’s not the case for me…).

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Found it!

That sunny Saturday, my mum took me on a fabric hunting trip. We went to a local market, straight to their textile section – where you could find alleys full of textile shops.

The market was busy, I was fasting and already tired from the traffic that we faced coming to the market. I did not have high hopes in finding anything, I was in no rush of finding anything, so I was not fully excited.

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Long Holiday

Hello from the comfort of my bed! 😀

I’ve been having a long holiday which started last Saturday and will end next Sunday. Haha yes you read it right – it’s a 9 days holiday. Our office is close for 5 days for the Ied celebration and plus the 4 days weekend.. so yeah it’s a 9 days holiday in total! Sadly, I don’t travel anywhere because I will be celebrating Ied for two days tomorrow with family and they’re all based in Jakarta. Plus, I also need to be patient as my next holiday are scheduled in September and I have to save up 🙂

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