Hari Ini

Hari ini saya memulai hari dengan belanja mingguan di Supermarket dekat rumah. Kebetulan kulkas sudah mulai kosong jadi saya beli beberapa bahan masakan. Si R lagi kepengen makan pasta, jadi saya beli bahan – bahannya. Saya ingin masak pasta dengan krim pesto. Setelah belanja mingguan, saya mampir toko kopi favorit saya dan beli segelas latte. Untung aja saya nggak lupa bawa gelas sendiri. Saya lagi berusaha mengurangi penggunaan barang sekali pakai termasuk coffee cup dari kertas kalau beli kopi untuk dibawa pulang.

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Emo & Me

I’m going to start this post by saying that I’m not a pet person. I mean I don’t hate them, but I like to think that I’m always awkward with them. I don’t know how to react around them, especially around dogs because they’re always barking/sniffing and somehow leaves me feeling uncomfortable when they do that.

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My First Ramadan in The US

Wow, where did the time go? Without I even realized it, it’s already the last week of Ramadan. This Ramadan marks my first Ramadan after I got married and moved to the US. It means it’s also our first Ramadan together, R and I 🙂 I was inspired by Deny’s blog post about her Ramadan experience in The Netherlands so I decided to share my story too.

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The Library

Before I moved here, R told me that there’s a library nearby the house. Although he never been (He’s not much of a reader…), he said that the library seemed to be popular. After I moved, I didn’t visit the library until later, about two months ago. I made a library card (it’s free for residents!), and started to browse the collection.

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All for The ‘Gram

R finished work early yesterday and we had to go to a relative’s house in the afternoon. The house is located in Huntington Beach, approximately 15 minutes away from where we live. Though I’ve been to Huntington Beach many times, I actually have never been to the part where the house is located, near Huntington Harbour. It’s a nice area, full of nice houses and the sight of yachts.

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