That Time We Visited Joshua Tree National Park During The Pandemic

Last week we went to Joshua Tree National Park, the closest National Park to our home. It took us only 2,5 hours drive, even shorter that it would take us to drive to my in-laws house! 😉 We’ve booked an AirBnb a while back and just so it happened, there was a heatwave warning during the weekend we planned to go! We could’ve cancelled but didn’t want to deal with the hassle, so we still ended up going anyway…

To be completely honest, Joshua Tree was not my favorite National Park. When it comes to nature, I am more drawn to trees than rocks. But we were so desperately wanted to be out and get fresh air, so we went.

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2020… so far

Surely 2020 is not going to be easily forgotten. Funny enough, I started the year being in a middle of a crowd, celebrating NYE in LA’s Grand park downtown. There were fireworks, food trucks, live music.. ah, it was fun and lively.

Fast forward 7 months later, the thought of being in the middle of such crowd makes me shudder. Ain’t life funny.

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Ramadan 2020

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since my last post. We are still in quarantine, haven’t left the house much except for few essential errands. Unsure when we will be able to resume normal activities again – perhaps we are redefining “normal”.

Anyway, I was going to post frequently during the quarantine. After all, I am out of school, jobless, and had all my plans for this Spring postponed. However, reality hits different. I was not in a good condition, and often times I found myself lacking the motivation to do anything.

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Gara – Gara Rona

Di Amerika ada istilah yang cukup sering digunakan oleh anak muda untuk menyebut Coronavirus, yaitu “Rona”. Kalau kamu rajin buka media sosial seperti TikTok, Twitter atau Instagram mungkin sering liat hashtag #RonaMadeMeDoIt yang isinya hal2 baru atau kepepet yang dilakukan orang2 selama masa karantina ini, misalnya masak ini itu atau bikin proyek DIY.

Saya sendiri di California sekarang udah memasuki minggu ke-4 masa #DiRumahAja. Bersyukur banget saya masih bisa keluar rumah sedikit2 – jogging di sekitar rumah, belanja bahan makanan atau juga beli makanan dari restoran untuk dibawa pulang. Bersyukur juga situasi rumah yang saya tinggali cukup nyaman walau seadanya. Yang paling penting sih bersyukur saya, keluarga dan teman2 (termasuk kamu yang baca yaa semoga) masih diberikan rejeki sehat 🙂

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Sudden Sadness

In the midst of all things that have been happening lately, last Friday I went through a tough time with no particular reason. Well to be honest now I think the culprit was receiving an email from a future employer saying that they had to cancel my upcoming interview due to the situation, and that they’re unsure when they will be able to reschedule it. When I first got the email I didn’t feel anything, it was something that I actually have thought about because of the current situation with coronavirus and all that.

Then I went on to live my day, until a couple of hours later I suddenly felt this surge of sadness and cried uncontrollably. I literally sobbed until I was almost out of breath and felt very confused at the same time, because I didn’t know why I felt the surge of sadness.

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