We Have a New Address!

Today marks the 5th day of living in the new house. We officially moved to our new place right at the start of November. Since we are renting from family, they are generous enough to give us the key to the house prior to our move, so we had gone back and forth in October to slowly move our stuff and also clean and prepare the house before we officially move in.

We are still living in California, still in greater Los Angeles, although different cities and zip codes now. While I was going back and forth last month, and during the last couple of days, I began to notice the differences between the two areas. It looks like my old house has a more suburbia feel compared to this new one. I thought they would be the same, since both are in suburban Los Angeles.

My old place was located in a very quiet neighborhood with big roads, has a big neighborhood park but it’s almost impossible to travel by foot or public transportation to get around. I did it when I just moved to the US and before I was able to drive, but trust me it was not ideal.

To my surprise, my new neighborhood is very walkable! the house is located in the “downtown” neighborhood of the city, and although the road is more narrow (downside: it’s harder to find street parking should we want to host a big group… but who wants to host anyway, with covid? hehe), it’s within walking distance to the city hall, restaurants, main street, supermarket, and a weekly farmers market! AAAH I’m so happy! Since I left Bournemouth, I never lived in a place where I could walk to get essentials. This gives me so much joy already. Should I get a job in downtown Los Angeles, there’s also a Metro station nearby which I can take comfortably. The city also provides a free shuttle to get around downtown and I believe public transportation should be more accessible… but we’ll see. I can’t wait to explore more!

Another downside besides the lack of street parking is also the lack of Asian food in this neighborhood.. HAHAHA. I used to be able to get boba so easily and there’s a lot of good Asian food in my old neighborhood. Here I had to drive 15-25 minutes away, or just go back to my old neighborhood if I crave for good Asian food (the old neighborhood is 25 – 30 minutes away).

But so far I’ve been loving the experience of moving out – moving in and settling in. Although we are not yet homeowners but for the first time ever we now have our own space and I have the liberty to decorate… and I now have my own little reading nook! ❀ I hope this means that I would still be able to keep up with my Goodreads challenge til the rest of the year hehehe.

Anyway, back to unpacking! I still have to figure out how to organize my closet and there’s still a couple of boxes that haven’t been opened (mostly R’s stuff.. I moved from Indonesia 3 years ago so I don’t have a lot of stuff with me). It has been a fun and it definitely takes my mind off the stress of being unemployed… but I trust that everything will fall into place at the right time, just like our move. More house update to come and wish us luck as we transform this space to a home! πŸ™‚