What #ChristaLikes This January

January is almost over and I can say it has set a pretty good mood for 2017 so far. Yay! I’ve started to do more of the things I like, and here I am on my 2nd #ChristaLikes post in this blog. In this post, I’ll share the things that I like this January, such as:

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DON! DON! Pondok Indah

That one Saturday afternoon, I wasΒ doing some errands in Pondok Indah area when I found this restaurant, located almost hidden in Pondok Indah Plaza 2.

You can instantly tell that DON! DON! is a Japanese restaurant just by looking at its door. They placed a menu board outside the door so potential guests can have a peek at their menu, and that’s exactly what I did.

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I know my last posts were not the cheeriest, so for now I’m going to share a list of the things that I like. I’ve started to use the hashtag #ChristaLikes on Instagram a while ago and now it’s time to elaborate it further on this blog! Watch this space because there will be more of this kind of post in the future… πŸ™‚

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