Belanja di Amerika

Sebagai orang Indonesia, nggak bisa dipungkiri kalau kita banyak dibombardir sama merek – merek Amerika dari dulu… ya kan? Maklum, pengaruh Hollywood kenceng banget di kehidupan kita sehari – hari. Jadi, nggak heran kalau orang yang tau saya sekarang pindah ke Amerika sering tanya – tanya soal belanja ini – itu disini. Kadang nanya doang, kadang mencoba nitip, tapi sayangnya saya nggak tau kapan saya mau pulang ke Indonesia tuh.. hehe.

Nah, soal belanja ini, ada beberapa hal yang saya masih suka heran atau belum biasa.

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My First Ramadan in The US

Wow, where did the time go? Without I even realized it, it’s already the last week of Ramadan. This Ramadan marks my first Ramadan after I got married and moved to the US. It means it’s also our first Ramadan together, R and I 🙂 I was inspired by Deny’s blog post about her Ramadan experience in The Netherlands so I decided to share my story too.

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The Library

Before I moved here, R told me that there’s a library nearby the house. Although he never been (He’s not much of a reader…), he said that the library seemed to be popular. After I moved, I didn’t visit the library until later, about two months ago. I made a library card (it’s free for residents!), and started to browse the collection.

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Pasca Jakarta

Post Selasa Indonesia kali ini sebenernya sudah lama nangkring di draft saya tapi nggak selesai – selesai karena satu dan berbagai hal. Sampai suatu hari Aggy ninggalin komen di post saya yang ini dan nanya apa awalnya susah nggak hidup di kota kecil, karena dia tau kalau saya anak kota banget alias big city girl, hehehe. Jadi, tanpa panjang lebar, saya ceritain yah 🙂  Continue reading “Pasca Jakarta”

A Mini Holiday

My bridesmaid is visiting from Indonesia and I got to have a mini-holiday by staying in West LA for 5 days with her. It was fun! In case you are wondering, I’m not actually based in Los Angeles. Instead, I’m about 45 minutes away, in the suburbs area 🙂 Being the city girl that I am, I always love going to LA because I got to see many kinds of people, a contrast from my simple suburban life.

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Sister Sister Sister

We were chilling at home when I received an email from an event tickets marketplace. The email basically saying that HAIM concert would be tonight and prompt me to check out ticket prices. It turned out that we were lucky (wait, let me rephrase – I was lucky because R doesn’t really listen to them), we managed to score 2 tickets for 50% off!

The concert was held in a small theatre about 45 minutes away from where we live, in Pomona. With a few clicks, we purchased the tickets, got ready, and left.

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