Sister Sister Sister

We were chilling at home when I received an email from an event tickets marketplace. The email basically saying that HAIM concert would be tonight and prompt me to check out ticket prices. It turned out that we were lucky (wait, let me rephrase – I was lucky because R doesn’t really listen to them), we managed to score 2 tickets for 50% off!

The concert was held in a small theatre about 45 minutes away from where we live, in Pomona. With a few clicks, we purchased the tickets, got ready, and left.

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A Head Full of Dreams

Last week I went to Coldplay “A Head Full of Dreams” Singapore Concert and it was awesome! Here’s my story…

Getting There

When Coldplay announced that they are coming to Singapore, (almost) everybody that I knew went crazy. It’s a shame that Indonesia did not make it to their Asia tour list, but Singapore is an easy option for us Indonesians. Concert tickets were not as expensive and there are many ways to get there.

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I’m listening to: Banks.

My current favorite artist is BANKS. She’s a 26 years old singer from Los Angeles. I usually don’t really listen to music like hers, sometimes I found it too “dark” and “slow” for my cheery preference. Some like to compare her with Lana Del Rey (which music I can’t really tolerate), and some to The Weeknd (which I agree, because I like his music!).. I also found out that she was on tour with The Weeknd last year right when I was in LA! Bummerr…

But, in this case, I really enjoy her music! I think it gives me a chill and tranquil feeling, and her voice is really pretty. The lyrics is deep though, don’t really want to put too much attention to avoid feeling blue, hehehe. Have a listen to some of her songs below :

Banks – Drowning

Banks – This is What it Feels Like

Banks – Waiting Game

Btw, I got the chance to watch her live last weekend at We The Fest 2014 and boy.. she was really pretty as well!

Banks live in Jakarta
Banks – Live at WTF’14 Jakarta

The show was great, I had a lot of fun. She performed magically and like her new upcoming album, Goddess-like.