Cerita Gado – Gado

Aduh, maaf ya teman – teman, saya akhir – akhir ini rada jarang nge-blog dan blogwalking. Ceritanya sih gara2 saya lagi sibuk mengurus ini itu, ditambah saya ada kerjaan baru yang mengharuskan saya menulis untuk orang lain. Nah, gara – gara saya suka menulis untuk orang lain itu, rasanya mau nulis untuk blog sendiri malah jadi sudah gitu lho. Huhuhu. Tapi kadang – kadang inspirasi untuk nulis memang suka datang tiba – tiba.

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A little update

Hello blogosphere!

I know I haven’t blogged in a while, simply because there were lots of things going on offline that I found it hard to blog. I know, I know, cliche – right?!

But anyway now that we’re already halfway through February, I feel the itch to write so this post will be a random – life update – kind of post. So, here are the things that happened lately…

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Long Holiday

Hello from the comfort of my bed! 😀

I’ve been having a long holiday which started last Saturday and will end next Sunday. Haha yes you read it right – it’s a 9 days holiday. Our office is close for 5 days for the Ied celebration and plus the 4 days weekend.. so yeah it’s a 9 days holiday in total! Sadly, I don’t travel anywhere because I will be celebrating Ied for two days tomorrow with family and they’re all based in Jakarta. Plus, I also need to be patient as my next holiday are scheduled in September and I have to save up 🙂

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My Choice of Mobile Games

Do you like to play mobile games?

I do. Well, I can’t say that I’m an avid gamer, but lately I’ve been spending a lot some of my spare time playing games on my iPhone, hahahaha. It all started when I got a 64GB iPhone last year. Turns out, 64GB is a lot of space for me – I now have lots of capacity to download apps. Yay! So I started to browse the app store, trying to find some interesting apps to be downloaded.

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Sunday Story

I started my Sunday by spending time with my mum and brother at home, relaxing. Then I went for lunch with my friends in Kemang area, in an American restaurant called Nolita Coffee & Comfort Food. We used to work in the same place but the three of us have left the company now. It was great to meet them as it has been awhile since we last hung out together.

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