Kunjungan Mama (Part 2)

Seperti yang udah saya sempat ceritakan beberapa waktu lalu, kemarin ini saya kedatangan Mama dari Jakarta selama sebulan. Nggak sangka, sebulan tuh ternyata cepat banget berlalu. Tau2 Mama udah pulang lagi ke Jakarta, dan saya kembali ke aktivitas normal lagi….

Kemarin saya sempat tanya di Instagram, kira2 nulis blog tentang apa yaa.. terus ada beberapa jawaban yang bilang supaya nulis cerita selama Mama lagi disini. Kayaknya satu post bakal kepanjangan, jadi saya pisahkan postnya jadi beberapa bagian.

Kalau ditanya, ngapain aja selama Mama disini? jawabannya sih nggak ada yang terlalu spesial banget, seperti yang udah saya ceritain di post ini, minggu pertama giliran Mama ketemu orangtuanya R dengan bonus main salju, terus minggu kedua kami di rumah aja dan jalan2 sekitar daerah rumah saya, minggu ketiga kami ke San Francisco (cerita menyusul!) dan minggu keempat kami sempet ke Las Vegas sekalian mampir lagi ke rumah orangtua R untuk pamitan (cerita menyusul juga yaa). Yaampun, ga berasa kan sebulan itu?

Selama kami kebanyakan dirumah aja, waktu kami banyak dihabiskan dengan hal2 simpel seperti nemenin saya belanja groceries, masak bareng, jalan2 keliling area rumah bareng, sampai nonton TV bareng. Ini nih yang paling sering kami lakukan, apalagi kebetulan kami sama2 senang nonton TV series Amerika. Jadi, nonton apa aja kami kemarin?

The Passage – Ini drama sci-fi, ceritanya soal wabah virus yang menyebabkan manusia berubah jadi makhluk semacam vampir gitu. Mirip kayak The Walking Dead, tapi menariknya serial ini menceritakan awal virusnya berkembang, gimana manusia berusaha mencari obat buat virus tersebut, sampai muncul gadis “penyelamat” yang namanya Amy. Kami suka nonton ini, seru soalnya! Kalau kamu suka drama2 sci-fi Amerika, pasti suka juga deh.

Semua Serial Dokter2an – Hahaha dijadiin satu aja deh kategorinya. Habisnya, saya dan Mama suka banget nonton serial TV tentang dokter dan rumah sakit. Mulai Grey’s Anatomy, Good Doctor, New Amsterdam, sampai The Resident kami tonton semua. Dari ke-4 serial tersebut saya paling suka Good Doctor, dan paling biasa aja sama New Amsterdam. Tapi, R paling suka sama New Amsterdam jadi kadang2 dia suka ikut nonton juga bareng saya dan Mama kalau kebetulan New Amsterdam lagi tayang.

A Million Little Things – Serial drama yang lumayan bikin mikir. Ceritanya tentang persahabatan 4 orang cowok dewasa, saya udah pernah ceritain di post ini sih. Kebetulan waktu nulis post tersebut saya baru mulai nonton, tapi lama2 kecantol juga hahaha.. eh taunya pas Mama disini, ternyata dia suka juga, jadi kami nonton deh tiap episodenya sampai kemarin season finale. Tenang aja, no spoiler! 😛

The Gifted – Ini juga udah saya bahas di post terdahulu. Mama ternyata suka banget nonton ini, nggak sangka lho. Sayangnya serial ini udah tamat dan katanyaaa nggak bakal lanjut lagi 😦

Kalo diitung – itung, banyak juga ya serial TV yang kami tonton bersama. Tuh kan, pantesan waktu berasa cepat banget, ternyata banyak abis nonton TV hahaha… walau simpel tapi seneng banget, Mama juga seneng karena bisa lebih update daripada nunggu episode terbaru di TV Indonesia. Yah, itung2 quality time sama Mama 🙂

Jadi begitulah part one dari cerita saya menghabiskan waktu bersama Mama sebulan kemarin. Makasih ya udah baca, more stories later!

My 2018

Today’s December 31st and here I am sitting down comfortably at the house. I don’t have any plans for tonight’s New Years Eve but I will be spending it with family 🙂 I always miss my family in Indonesia more during the holiday season but I’m hopeful that we can be reunited soon!

I just decided that hope is my word for 2019. I am hopeful and holding on to hope. Things have not been as good as I wanted in 2018, but only today I got to be reminded of hope. There is really no reason for me not to be hopeful and keep my faith because all this time God has been so good to me and my family. Anyway, here are my 2018 in retrospect.

January – We had a car accident the second day I arrived in the US and we had to let go of our car 😦 so, we made our first big purchase as a family this month! There were also other firsts this month for me… I re-learned how to cook (I was able to cook during my UK days but it was pretty much a grad student survival cooking :P), learned to make my own latte and smoothies, and started to pay attention to skincare! I also went to Passion Pit concert which was great. Unfortunately, this was also the month where I lost my aunt due to her illness 😦 may she RIP.

February – This month was quite busy for us – we had our cousin visiting from Indonesia for their honeymoon, and at the same time we also had a mini staycation as a belated wedding gift from our family. This month was the month I started to get to know my neighbourhood better – I learned to navigate myself around and get used the public transportation system. February was the coldest month, but the family made it warmer.

March – I realised that I have started to gain weight since I moved here, so I started to exercise more regularly. I joined a local gym to take PoundFit classes and I loved it! However, I stopped going after a month because they change their class schedule and it does not fit mine :\ I should stop making excuses and go back to this routine next year. On the other hand, we went exploring Los Angeles whenever we got a chance, playing tourist in the big city. I went to museums, gardens, and the beach! I started to fall in love with the city ❤

April – This month started with a HAIM concert with R. I also became a member of the public library in my city and started to read regularly again. I started a Goodreads challenge – 12 books for 2018, knowing I might fail it like past years. But turns out I was wrong! Not only did I manage to finish it, but I also managed to read 22 books in total this year! YAY me! Perhaps I should write a “books of 2018” post sometime this week… hmmm.

May – One of my bridesmaids / best friend came to visit this month and we had so much fun together. I went to stay with her for a couple of nights and it was so refreshing to be able to get a girls getaway like the old days. Another thing that made this month special was Justin Timberlake’s concert! It was a dream come true since I have been a fan since his NSYNC days 😛 We also started the month of Ramadan this month and it was my first time fasting in the US.

June – My brother and sister in law along with aunts and cousins from R’s side came to visit for Eid, making my first Eid here in the US so merry and warm. I missed my family in Indonesia but I am thankful for new experiences this month. With the days that got warmer and longer, we also spent a lot of time at the beach which I had no complaints about. I guess this is one of the perks of living in Southern California!

July – It’s R’s birthday month and went on a couple mini trips. First, we went to Las Vegas for a weekend with our family, then we went to San Francisco to meet my grad school friend who was visiting from New Zealand! It was so good to reunite with her after 8+ years 🙂

August – Summer is officially here and I think I spent most of it at the beach… it’s really a privilege to live close to the beach! I also scored a last minute ticket to Sam Smith’s concert at Staples Centre for only $20. Woohoow! And…. followed by a Smashing Pumpkins’ concert the next day with R. I can say that summer was a blast and I have no complaints.

September – Fall was around the corner and this month I was disappointed for the first time. Despite the delayed good news, I managed to go to my first football game to watch Rams vs Cardinals. Football is a big thing here and although I still don’t understand the game, I enjoyed the atmosphere of watching a live game.

October – I became the coordinator of our friends’ wedding here. It was an Indonesian – American wedding because although both bride and groom are Indonesian, the wedding culture was a mix between both countries. Through this experience, I met new friends and also relive my love of coordinating and organizing things – something that I haven’t done since I am currently taking a break from the corporate world. Ooooh how I can’t wait to go back! 😉 On the downside, I caught a pretty bad cold and it made me very homesick at the same time. It took me a week to recover, can you imagine?!

November – It’s our anniversary month and it’s our first! Yay! how time flies when you are having fun 🙂 we went to Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park for our anniversary and we had a good time. I’ll surely post the story here sometime later in the new year. I also celebrated Thanksgiving for the first time with R and our cousins. It’s also the end of #ChristasFirstYear – a project I started on Instagram when I first arrived in the US. Unfortunately this month I also experienced several anxiety issues which I am currently dealing with.

December – My birthday month! Since I finished #ChristasFirstYear project, I took a little break from social media and also started to practice mindfulness more regularly. I found it helpful to tackle my anxiety issues and I started to have a better understanding and awareness of my feelings. I am yet to receive the good news that I have been waiting for, but I am patient and hopeful.

Thank you 2018, Hello 2019 🙂

So there goes my 2018. It has been an eventful year – full of firsts but it is also a challenging one. Adjusting to life in a new country, becoming a wife, dealing with uncertainty… but I am certain that with hardship comes ease and that I am so blessed. ❤

Happy New Year 2019 to you! May you have a blessed year ahead. Thanks for reading and see you in the new year 🙂

Tempat Tinggal di Amerika

Jadi setelah saya nulis post yang ini tentang gaya hidup di Amerika, saya jadi punya beberapa ide tulisan tentang hidup disini yang ingin saya share di blog. Pas banget tau2 kemarin Rika ninggalin komen soal bedanya rumah di Finlandia (tempat dia tinggal) sama di Amerika. Jadilah saya mau ceritain soal tempat tinggal di Amerika hasil observasi selama saya disini hehehe.

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Pernikahan Teman Saya

Hari Minggu kemarin (iya, masih fresh banget) teman saya disini menikah. Si pengantin pria itu teman R sejak lama disini. Waktu dia memutuskan untuk menikahi pacarnya, dia minta saya untuk jadi koordinator acara resepsi nya. Karena saya emang suka ngatur2 dan butuh distraksi dari kehidupan ibu rumah tangga sehari – hari, saya bilang iya. :))))))

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Drama Handphone

Kemarin – kemarin ini hp saya sempet jatoh terus layar nya rada retak sedikit di bagian kiri bawah, dekat speaker. Saya sempet panik waktu hp nya jatoh soalnya hp ini belum ada setahun dibeli, alias baru aja dibeli pas saya pindah ke Amerika. Miris kan! Untungnya sih semua fungsi masih berjalan normal, jadi saya diam – diam aja sampai akhirnya si R sadar kalau layar hp saya ada retaknya.

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