Sunday Story

I started my Sunday by spending time with my mum and brother at home, relaxing. Then I went for lunch with my friends in Kemang area, in an American restaurant called Nolita Coffee & Comfort Food. We used to work in the same place but the three of us have left the company now. It was great to meet them as it has been awhile since we last hung out together.

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Life Update

Hello! It’s been a while since my last post (well, not that long but considering that I normally post at least once a week….), but I am actually experiencing a major blogger’s block at the moment! Hahahaha. I’ve had several drafts and blog post ideas but finished none, so I figured I’m going to do a simple life update post in hopes to bring back my writing mojo hahaha. ๐Ÿ˜€

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Faith in Humanity – Restored!

If you have been following my tweets, you’d know that something is bothering me lately. I’m not going to spare you the details, but I used to be angry, disappointed, frustrated and sad at what is happening. Haha that’s a lot of emotions right? I’ve been ranting, expressing my thoughts, and have also vented on Medium. I think I’m going to use Medium more often to vent on current affairsย so that this blog can stay as it is (happy stories only!).

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Grocery Shopping

Hello, happy new year you lovely people! ๐Ÿ™‚

I know I haven’t really blogged regularly in December, but starting this month I will try to blog more regularly. I have tons of blog post ideas already! One of them is about my recent trip to Bali with my friends from my grad school days. But then as I was driving home I realised that I miss writing simple posts – ones that does not need too much thinking and rather, meaningless. Hahaha.

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I have to admit that I..

If there’s one thing that you probably did not know about me is that .. I cry easily! :p

Most of the time I found my self so emotional over even the smallest things until I can’t help it and shed a tear or two.

I cry over standard things – romantic, sappy movies. Novels.

I cry during friends’ weddings, especially during the holy matrimony. On my bestfriend’s wedding very recently, I cried at the church during a ritual just because I saw her mother was crying. That, plus the choir successfully made me cry even though I had no idea what ritual was happening and did not understand any words sang by the choir as it was in Latin. But still I cried.. and made it to the wedding video… hahaha. Now whenever my friend sees her wedding video, she’ll always see my ugly crying face :p

Oh and there are a lot of other moments when I found myself got teary. Reading the news, listening to prayers, reminiscing old memories… bottom line is I cry easily. Sometimes it makes sense, but sometimes it does not and other times even makes me annoyed of myself!

Like what happened yesterday – I was driving to work and as usual I turned on my Apple Music. Then I found out that Adele has just dropped a new single on her VEVO! Being her fan I listened to it straightaway.. and suddenly cried while driving. Really????!! Over an Adele song? Just to be clear I am not currently missing anybody from the past but still.. just her voice that is soooo goood got me teary eyed! ๐Ÿ˜

Oh well, here’s the song if you haven’t heard it :

Have a good Friday!

Almost Thirty

This year will be the last year of my twenties.

Funny how time flies.

My weekends have gone from mall to mall, concert to concert, club to club, cafe to cafe, and now, playground to playground.

Invitations that I received have gone from birthday parties, to engagement parties, to hen’s nights, to wedding parties, and now, kids’ birthday parties.

And just yesterday I found myself with no one to attend a concert with! Although I ended up going with a friend, but I was this close to going by myself. It’s not like I did not want to go by myself. It would not be a problem for me. But I had a couple of tickets free from the office, yet it was hard to find someone who was available.

Funny how just last year, I went to the same event with a group of friends. This year, I almost went there by myself!

Panama @WTF15
Where did all my friends go?

Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends and their kids’ birthday parties ๐Ÿ™‚

But it’s just funny, how time flies.

Now I wonder what my thirties will be like. One thing for sure, I plan to keep going to concerts, and hopefully will have R’s company ๐Ÿ˜‰

Dibalik sebuah lagu

Kemarin itu saya menghabiskan hampir setengah hari di jalan. Pagi ke kantor sebentar, nggak lama langsung meluncur ke Kelapa Gading dan setelah itu meluncur ke SCBD, lalu ke Semanggi (yang ini deket tapi macet!!!), terus balik lagi ke SCBD dan akhirnya pulang. Untungnya jalanan sudah rada bersahabat ya, jadi nggak masalah.

Nah, seperti biasa saya dengerin radio di mobil, terus tiba tiba ada lagunya Dewa – Risalah hati. Cihuuy, udah lama banget nggak denger lagu ini. Sambil karaokean di mobil, tiba tiba pikiran saya kembali ke masa lalu.

Image from: via
Image from: via

Denger lagu Dewa ini saya keinget jaman SMP, pacar pertama saya. HAHAHAHA. Waktu itu saya tau2 di”tembak”, padahal saya nggak terlalu kenal dia. Terus “nembak”nya tuh pake drama segala, hari itu ceritanya saya tiba – tiba dimusuhin sama temen se-geng. Saya udah berasa miserable banget, pas makan siang diajak ke pojokan kantin sama teman saya, katanya “mau diajak ngomong”. Ampir nangis tuh saya, eh taunya dateng si cowo itu, “nembak” saya. Kaget dong ya, nggak terlalu kenal padahal hahahaha. Terus temen2 saya ngerubungin, melukย saya dan manas-manasin supaya saya terima dia. Akhirnya saya terima, tanpa tau apa – apa. “Pacaran” kami hanya bertahan 1 bulan, itupun cuma ketemu di sekolah aja pas istirahat. ABG banget deh ya :))))

OK jadi lagu Dewa – Risalah hati mengingatkan saya pada kejadian itu, nggak tau juga sih kenapa persisnya, saya lupa apa waktu itu di kantin lagu itu sedang terpasang? Tapi kemarin saya jadi keinget dan ketawa – ketawa sendiri.

Ada lagi nih, lagunya Snoop Dogg – Drop it Like it’s Hot. Kalau lagu ini mengingatkan saya pada jaman kuliah saya. Memorinya nggak terlalu jelas, tapi saya ingetnya saya dan teman – teman sedang duduk2 di depan gedung kuliah kami. Namanya gedung E. Gedung E itu tempat nongkrong nya anak jurusan saya, dari berbagai angkatan. Dulu sih waktu lagi ospek takutnya setengah mati lewat situ karena banyak senior, tapi setelah ospek selesai saya jadi paling sering nongkrong disitu. Tempatnya adem, walaupun musti duduk di bawah (kalau dipikir – pikir kok kita dulu nggak pegel ya duduk dibawah gitu lama – lama hehehhee). Nah denger lagu Snoop Dogg ini saya jadi keinget masa duduk2 di gedung E ini.

Terakhir yang saya mau ceritain, lagunya Tamia – Officially Missing You. Jadi gini ceritanya,ย Papa saya itu sering banget tugas keluar negeri. Karena saya suka musik, dulu saya sering nitip CD – CDย kalau dia lagi keluar negeri. Waktu itu beliau lagi ke Singapura. Terus saya SMS. “Pah, titip CD Tamia Officially Missing You dong”. Terus dia balesnya “OK, miss you too.” Hihihihihi si Papa kirain saya bilang miss you ke dia, padahal itu judul lagunya hahahahaha Pah… Pah :’))

Sekian aja cerita lagu – lagu yang membawa memori bagi saya. Ada banyak sih sebenernya, tapi yang bias kepikiran saat ini cuma 3 itu.

Kamu pernah nggak sih, denger lagu terus langsung keinget 1 kejadian spesifik di masa lalu? Saya yakin sebagian besar pernah ya, hehehe. Ceritain dong di comment box! ๐Ÿ™‚