Shanghai Disneyland

Last month a dream came true – I finally made it to my 6th Disneyland destination! Going to Disneyland has always been a family affair for me, since I visited all 5 with family. Early last year, I made a plan to take my mum and brother to HK Disneyland. I thought that will be my final Disneyland and I wanted to visit all before I turn 30. But then after I purchased the flight tickets for my family to Hong Kong, I read that Shanghai Disneyland was going to be opened in June! Whaaaat… I felt a bit sad because then I would not be able to visit all Disneylands before I turn 30. Nevertheless, I had a good time in Hong Kong and was able to keep my desire to go to Shanghai for awhile.

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The US Trip: Disneyland!!!

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How do I even begin to write about my trip to Disneyland?
Though it was not my first ever trip, but the last time I visited was back in 1998 which is.. ages ago. So this trip definitely felt like the first time again, because so many has changed.

Downtown disney
On my way!!

Disneyland is California has two theme parks under one big resort – Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park. Each has its own charm ( I think the latter have more thrilling rides though), and I was lucky to be able to visit both during my (only) one day visit.

We arrived early in the morning and chose to go on a weekday to avoid long queue. We visited Disney California Adventure Park first because I remember I did not meet the height requirement for a lot of rides during my last visit! (mind you I was only 11 years old :P)

So we went and our first ride was The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Woohow! I loved it. It’s also one of the moments that made me realise that my boyfriend really loves me because he’s afraid of heights but he still wanted to go because of me! Hahaha 😀

Then we went to Radiator Spring Racers – inspired by CARS movie – make sure to  prepare for long queue for this one, but let me tell you that it’s really worth it! So fun! I also loved California Screamin’, and really wanted to go to Mickey’s Fun Wheel right next to it (pictured below) but decided not to because, you know.. my boyfriend is afraid of heights and looking at him volunteering to go to tower of terror with me is enough 🙂

We finished all those rides around lunch time, decided to have a bit of snacking (I had lots of churros in between – I LOVE Disneyland’s churro!) and went to some easy rides – Soarin’ Over California and The Little Mermaid~ Ariel Undersea Adventure before we left for Disneyland Park.

Disney California Adventure
Disney California Adventure

Then it’s time to visit Disneyland Park! Our first attraction was Haunted Mansion. Since it was near Halloween time, the mansion was decorated with Nightmare Before Christmas theme. It was fun, but not scary at all for me. We also went to Space Mountain, a classic one.

Welcome to Disneyland 🙂
Disneyland California
A sunny day in Disneyland

In Disneyland Park we spent most of our time browsing the park, wandering around different areas of the park. We took a round trip with Disneyland Railroad at Mickey’s Toontown, and basically just hang around and ate lost of snacks while waiting for the famous Disney Parade.

There’s actually a funny story when we wanted to grab Corn Dogs in one of the food carts. My boyfriend asked me, “which one do you want? with chips or bag of apples?” I instantly thought it will be nice to have corn dog and chips, because chips in my mind (which is more accustomed to British English) means fried potato and answered “chips!” excitedly. He, on the other hand, looks confused because in his (American) mind (and of course, in America – where we were) chips means.. potato chips (the snack). He thought I would prefer apples since we just had some snacks before. When the meal came, It was my turn to be confused. Then after a split second I realised that chips here means crisps in England! Hahahaha. I honestly thought it’s weird to eat corn dogs with potato crisps but anyway.. the order has been made and I had to finish it. Just a side note, here’s a list of British English/American English vocabulary which might be useful for you.. you know, just in case 😀

Okay, back to my Disneyland story. After Disney Parade, we rushed to Disney California Adventure again to watch World of Color! It was really magical and definitely worth staying until late since it started at around 9.30-10PM. My tip, do come to the area a bit early to reserve good spot. Since we just came back from Disneyland Park, we did not get a good spot and it was quite hard for me to see it.. but still, really magical.

So that concludes our trip to Disneyland resort in California. I would definitely visit again, and again, and again because it is simply, the happiest place on earth!