If you browsed the internet for the past two days, there’s a big chance that you have engaged in a debate on #thedress. If you haven’t please read this first.

I first saw a picture of it on Friday afternoon during my lunchtime at work. It looked so clear to me. I did not get why people would even debate over it. Then I asked my friends next to me. Surprisingly, we did not have the same answer towards the question: “what colors is this dress?”. Shockinggg! Hahaha.

At first I thought one of my friends were joking around. But then I asked my mum. Her answer is different than mine! Really, mum? I thought. A friend of mine sent a freaked out whatsapp message to me saying that both of her parents have a different answer with her. Another one even told me that she saw both answers! First time she saw black and blue, second time she saw white and gold. Hahaha. Weird? Confusing to me, so I went to do more research about it.

I found this article on wired.com and was satisfied with the answer. Okay so there is a scientific explanation behind it.. Not just some marketing gimmick.

But of course it would not be a trending topic without brands jumping to the bandwagon.. Within hours I saw a lot of brands already participating in the discussion, producing some content based on the topic… Or should I say, the #dressgate. Interesting! Some are funny, some just so – so, and here’s a simple compliation I made from some brands’ tweets.

Which one is your favorite?

which one is your favorite?


Oh btw, the dress is black and blue to me. 😀