Pizza Barboni

I’ve heard about Pizza Barboni for awhile, mostly from my friends’ path and instagram feeds. They say this pizza joint is the real deal – especially because they serve wood fire pizza which is quite rare to be found in Jakarta. But it was not until yesterday that I finally paid my visit.. which surely made me think “why didn’t I do this earlier?!”

Pizza Barboni is located in Jalan Kemang 1, Jakarta Selatan (it’s that one way street that you have to take when you’re heading to La Codefin from McDonalds area.. ring a bell?), in the same shopping arcade with Little Baghdad. The restaurant is not too big, there are only 2 tables in the patio area and 4 tables inside. But, they do delivery (probably only in Kemang area though.. but do give it a try)!

Their menu is straight up simple, Italian – Style Pizza. They also have some nibbles which I did not get to try (yet), because my focus yesterday was to try their selection of pizza. They have quite an extensive range for you to choose, from mushroom pizza to beef or even pork pizza.

Being a meat pizza fan, I ordered Americana pizza – Thin crust pizza with Beef Bacon, Pepperoni and Mozzarella toppings (IDR 75K). I give it 5 stars! The crust is perfect, the blend of cheese and the toppings are heavenly. Since I ate it while it’s still hot, I got to feel the sensation of cheese melting in my mouth.. Mamma mia! 😀

Americana Pizza
Americana Pizza

Aside from their yummy pizzas, I have to give credit for their concept and branding. They take branding seriously and I love the interior – clean, simple and cozy. The kind of place you’d want to go for a casual date.. or hang out with friends. Here’s a sneak peek:

Inside the Restaurant
Inside the Restaurant

So.. for you pizza lovers in town, be sure to check them out and let me know what you think. 🙂

Pizza Barboni

Jalan Kemang 1, no.72
Phone: (021) 7181101
Facebook: Pizza Barboni
Twitter: @PizzaBarboni
Opening hours: Tue – Sun11:00 – 00:00

Bubur Ayam Madurasa

One day after work, me and Dhisty went out to find something to eat. At first we wanted to eat around Senopati area, but then I realised that there’s this bubur ayam place that I wanted to try for so long, called Bubur Ayam Madurasa, and they only open on weekdays. Bubur ayam is one of my comfort foods. It is a very common food in Indonesia, in fact we Indonesians usually eat it for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner!

I first heard about this place from Twitter – their account showed up in my timeline. I have to admit, they put really nice picture of bubur ayam on their profile. So Tempting! I’ve been wanting to try it, but I haven’t really got the chance until that night. They are located in Alpus area – where the food stalls are, near the famous Roti Bakar Eddy. There were not many people when we got there, so we could easily get a spot.

Bubur Ayam Madurasa
Taken with iPhone 5 – mind the image quality 😉

We did not have to wait so long to get our bubur served. Trust me, they are SUPER DELICIOUS! Generous topping and perfect texture of the porridge. No doubt – best hawker style bubur ayam in town! (That’s why I’m writing this review.. to tell you about it :D)

So, if you happen to live or work near Jakarta Selatan / Jakarta Pusat area – you definitely should try this bubur ayam. I read on their menu board that they cater deliveries too. Worth to try! 🙂

Bubur Ayam Madurasa
Twitter : @Buburayammadura
Facebook : Bubur Ayam Madurasa

Jl. Raden Patah
Selong, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan
Open Monday to Friday : 17.00 PM – til finished

Jakarta Food Truck

Today I went to Kemang for lunch with my mum and little brother.  Jakarta Food Truck was our first destination because lately I’ve been hearing a lot of reviews on this rather new food joint, located in Jl.Benda Raya, Kemang area. From what I’ve heard, they only open on weekends from around 10 – late night, so I thought it’s a good idea to have lunch there. But, when we reached there at 1.30PM, the place was so packed! My brother insisted to have lunch there, which was immediately followed by a big no from me and mum, we wanted a laid back lunch, not the one where we had to queue or even stand when eating. So I suggested to eat somewhere else, and go there later on for dessert… and that’s we did! We went back there again at around 3.30 PM.

The food truck! – Picture edited with Vscocam and Moldiv on iPhone 5

When we got there the second time, the place was rather empty. Some people were there, but there were no queue at all. I heard that their specialties are their Ribs, Sloppy Joe, and Oreo Fritters, and we wanted to try them. BUT.. all of them were sold out! Boohoo. We tried to order other kinds of food but they were mostly sold out too.. and among the left overs, we ended up ordering Fries and Bangers, and Red Velvet Pancake.

The food – Top : Fries & Bangers, Bottom : Red Velvet Pancake.
Picture edited using Moldiv on iPhone 5, only to mix them – no filter used.

Their menu described Fries and Bangers as “Sausage, Onions, and Fries”. That simple. The price was IDR 30K, which is acceptable for something as simple as that. I thought the food was going to be plain, just a mix of all those ingredients, stir fried. But to my surprise, it comes with some sort of house special sauce, it looks like brown sauce but it has a decent pepper taste, perfect to my liking. I could imagine eating a lot of food with that kind of sauce. YUMMMM~

Now their Red Velvet Pancake is another story. I was hoping to get an American style pancake (you know, blood red), with maybe, just maybe, some cheese dip? or cheese sauce? But then what served to me was those tiny rounds of PINKISH pancakes, with drops of PINK sauce and some powdered sugar. Definitely NOT what I expected, and tasted nothing like Red Velvet at all… hiks. To be completely fair, the taste of that pancake is not that bad, only it does not resembles Red Velvet at all. For something worth IDR 15K, it would have been better if it’s called PINK Pancake, or Pink lover pancake, or whatever pinky.

Anywayy… The place is a must visit, just because it gives you a different eating experience (not everyday Jakarta has an American style food truck.. right?), I regret not having the chance to taste their famous menu, so I’m going back there again to try their Oreo Fritters and Ribs.