Hong Kong Travel Diary (3)

This is part three of my Hong Kong Travel Diary series. Read part one here, and part two here

Day 3 – Sunday 11th September

We were so tired from the previous days, hence we decided to take the day easy. I know I was scheduled to meet Nisa – a fellow blogger, on the afternoon, but there was nothing else scheduled in particular that day.

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Hong Kong Travel Diary (1)

We made it to Hong Kong!

After more than 6 months planning, I finally made it to Hong Kong. Unlike my past holidays for almost the past 10 years where I normally went with friends or by myself, this one was really special because I went with my family plus R too <3.

It started with a plan to take my mum and brother for a holiday. Then I decided to set Hong Kong as the destination because it’s not too far and (I thought) not too expensive, plus they have Disneyland which we haven’t been to.

Lucky the universe seemed to conspire and last March I scored promotion tickets from Singapore Airlines from Jakarta to Hong Kong. Yay! And then when R finally decided to come to Jakarta this September, he managed to find a multi-city ticket with a good deal so he could stop by Hong Kong before reaching Jakarta. All seemed good, I was happy that he got to join our family holiday.

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Me and Mama

Growing up, I used to argue a lot with my mum. Our arguments were mostly caused by unimportant things. I can’t even remember them anymore! When we argued, my dad used to calm us down. He would talk to me, telling me to make up with mum. Sometimes, when he thought I have crossed the line, he would be mad at me, and told me to apologise to my mum straight away.

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A Love Story

My mum and dad have quite a love story. They met on a holiday in Singapore. It was back in the 70s, they happened to be in a same tour group. My mum was with her aunt, I call her Oma M. Meanwhile, my dad was on a boys-trip with a group of friends. Being in a boys-trip, my dad and his friends were loud. They kept joking around, having fun by themselves. Not rude, but loud, so as my mum described them.

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My brother and the train

This is a story about my brother and a particular train.

So my brother commutes to work everyday and he uses the commuter line train in Jakarta. Being a Japan – culture enthusiast he somehow found out a rather touching story about one particular Japanese train, 205-0 series train from JR Nambu Line.

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Not my baby brother anymore

I have a brother, and he is 6,5 years younger than me.

Although he is younger, but he is my walking wikipedia. He has interests that sometimes I don’t get, has talents that I can only dream of (his drawings are awesome and I have to admit that he sings better!), and I am truly proud of what he has accomplished in such young age. But deep down inside, I still feel like he’s a baby!

My brother and I 🙂

So, my brother is a comic artist. He draws for a living and sometimes does graphic design too.. especially when I asked him to :p (my blog’s logo is his creation!). And just last week he started to work in a game developer company. Me and mum are so happy for him, especially that it took him awhile to finally got this dream job.

But his office is sooooooo far from our house. Because of this, he has to leave the house at 5 every morning and only reach home at around 9 every day. To my own surprise, last week I found myself being overly protective and possessive to him! Hahahahahaha. I found myself sending him Line messages to check on him every hour after 5PM to check his whereabouts. I thought he could reach home by 7ish when he said his office finished at 5.. so I got a little bit panic when he’s not home by 7.30 hahahahaha.

I mean come on, he is my brother not my son and he’s 22!! clearly not a baby anymore. I then stopped to worry that much and just let him enjoy his new phase in life – a working adult. I’m going to keep reminding myself that he is not a baby anymore and I’m going to support him in whatever he does 🙂

Do you have siblings? care to share your story?

Eid Al Fitr

Eid Mubarak my friends!~
Yesterday Muslims around the world celebrated Eid Al Fitr, a religious holiday that marks the end of Ramadan and also breaking of the fast. There is a particular Eid prayer that we normally do during the morning of Eid day. Afterwards, the tradition/rituals varies from country to country.

In Indonesia, after doing the Eid prayer in the morning, we used to gather with our immediate family and greet each other with blessings. It is also time to ask forgiveness between each other, especially to our parents. Then there are a lot of other rituals, which again, varies from culture to culture. But I can tell you that food is always in the picture. Yummm~

What about the rituals in my family? We used to do our Eid prayer in our old neighbourhood’s mosque, then came back to the house to have breakfast. Not long after, my neighbours (especially the kids) came to our house to greet us. This is where it gets interesting. My dad would then give the kids small pocket money and there would be so many kids came to our house, I remember there were even times when they had to queue to greet my dad (and got the pocket money hahaha). So festive! About an hour later, we then went to my grandfather’s grave and then to my grandmother’s house where we spent the day there with our family. There were abundant food for everyone, mostly traditional ones, super delicious. Afterwards, we went to my dad’s bosses’ houses and did not come back home until late at night.

But then my dad passed away and things have changed ever since. We did not do our Eid prayer in the neighbourhood mosque nor did we open our house to the neighbours anymore, instead we left the house early in the morning and prayed in the mosque near my grandmother’s house. We spent the day there still, but did not go anywhere else except my dad’s and grandfather’s grave afterwards.

Then I left to study in the UK – while I was there, my grandmother sold her house and moved with my uncle. So another ritual was changed. Then my family moved house last year, and again, things changed!

To think of it again, a lot has changed in the past years but still the idea of spending Eid day with family (and food! :p) never changes. To me that’s what makes the day important – spending time with family and your loved ones… exchange blessings and forgiveness.

So we spent the day at my uncle’s house yesterday. Here’s what I wore. Hmmm.. it’s not every day that I post a portrait of myself but since I really really love what I wore, I decided to share some pictures here 😉

#OOTDulFitri :))))) Wearing Kaftan from @Ianthecollection and Clutch from @Alluradesign

My dusty pink kaftan is from Ianthecollection and my offwhite clutch is from Allura. Allura is an Indonesian accessories brand of all things sweet and pretty designed by my dear friend Nasya Marissa. I mean, look at this classic clutch! Soooo pretty right? 🙂

Pretty Signature Clutch from Allura ❤
Details.. Details!

And.. to close off this post, I’m going to share some more pictures from yesterday’s family gathering. It was a lovely day and I hope your day was as lovely.

With my 87y.o grandma 🙂
Family picture 🙂
A visit to pop’s grave

From my family to yours, I hope you had a blessed Eid day and holiday. Until next post! x