Long weekend well spent

Today’s a holiday here in Indonesia which means my weekend sort of got extended… yeaaayy! I did not go anywhere special, stayed in Jakarta with my family since I really haven’t had the time to catch up with them since I came back from the US.

Image from: http://nlegault.ca/tag/long-weekend/ by @nicole_legault
Image from: http://nlegault.ca/tag/long-weekend/ by @nicole_legault

On Saturday I went to the movies with my brother. We saw Pitch Perfect 2. The movie is hilarious!!! We did not stop laughing since the very first minutes until the credit title. To be honest the Pitch Perfect has a more meaningful story, but this one is way funnier! The music is nice too, can really use the songs for a car karaoke sessions 😀

Sunday was pampering day. I spent the day at the salon – getting reflexology massage  and a creambath. Hahahaha. It felt really nice especially since I haven’t been to the salon since I came back.

Then came Monday – where I had to work because I don’t have anymore leave days hahaha. Work was smooth though, nothing too stressful. I managed to come home on time and decided to go to the movies again. This time I saw Tomorrowland. At first I was intrigued when I saw the trailer but then I read Lorraine’s review and made me wanted to watch it more! Having watched it yesterday, I think the movie is really entertaining – I mean, it is a Disney movie – but full of messages. I would recommend you to watch it yourself but here’s a key message that I got: never lose hope 🙂

Now I just got back from a day out with my mum and brother. We went to a newly opened mall – AEON BSD. It’s supposedly not far from where I live, only 30 minutes away but surprisingly when we got to BSD area we had to face traffic just to get inside the parking lot. There were so many cars trying to get in… so we decided to park outside the building (like lots of other people).

Actually I already thought that it’s a bad idea to go to this mall since we face the traffic. We shouldn’t have gone today… there’s too many people. But me and my brother really wanted to see Pikachu parade. Hahahaha. Yes, that Pikachu. We both really love it and we thought it’ll be fun to see Pikachu parade. Long story short we made it inside the mall, managed to get a seat in a restaurant (it was soooo crowded even a lot of restaurants were sold out at 3PM!), and then managed to see the parade! Yaaayyyy hahaahaha it was really fun to let my inner kid out :p

To close this post, here’s a video of the parade.. Btw I just found out that WordPress app on iPhone can now post videos! how cool! Let me know if you are able to see it/not.. enjoy the rest of the holiday for those of you in Indonesia and have a great week for  you everywhere else! Cheers x

Happy Birthday Papa!

Today, 58 years ago you were born. It is unfortunate that you only got to celebrate 49 birthdays, but don’t worry Pop. We still celebrate your birthday every year since you left us, though in different ways.

Today we held a family gathering, monthly arisan for both Mbahti’s and Mbahkung’s big family. It was nice to see everyone. I haven’t seen a lot of them in years. We ate pudding in replacement of a birthday cake, Tante Luky made it. I played around with Kaia, Mas Reno’s&Farra’s daughter. You would love her, she is so adorable.

Today I think of you. I wonder what you would have looked like.

Today I’m grateful that you are remembered by everyone with such love. I don’t think I have ever met anyone as loved as you are, and that’s why I am so very proud to call you my Papa.

Tonight I will be on my knees, praying for you. Happy birthday Papa, I believe you are in a much better place looking after us 🙂

I think this was your 45th birthday... :)
I think this was your 45th birthday… 🙂

Not Beyond Us – World Cancer Day 2015

Did you know, that today, February 4 is World Cancer Day?

This year’s campaign will be focused on four key areas, all in the objective to fight cancer. In this post I will try to elaborate the areas of focus using my own words based on my experience/knowledge. To me personally, cancer is an issue close to my family. I lost my dear papa in 2007 after his fight against lung cancer (which then spread to his bones and brain) for two years. To this day we still miss him dearly and I hope you can benefit from our story 🙂

If you wish to read more about this, please do visit the campaign’s official website here. The website will give you elaborate explanation.

1.Choosing healthy lives

One of the targets to be achieved by 2025 in this area is to reduce global tobacco consumption, overweight and obesity, unhealthy diet, alcohol intake, and other things that might increase the risk of cancer. Although to some people this might be hard to do, it is actually the simplest thing because each person is responsible for their own healthy lives. You have every resource in your mind to stop any unhealthy habit and start living a healthier life. Start small, and it shall improve over time. Personally, I started to develop an exercise habit after my father passed away. I know I am still very far from having the ideal healthy lifestyle, but he was an active person during his youth so it’s the least I can do to honor him, while living a healthier life myself.

2. Delivering early detection

When my father was first diagnosed with lung cancer, it started with common cold symptoms. He had cough for a long time and ignored it at first. When he finally went to the doctor, the doctor first diagnosed him with bronchitis. Then there’s this event where the hospital somehow lost his lung’s x-ray scan. When the treatment for bronchitis did not help at all (obviously…), and the hospital finally could give us the x-ray scan… it was discovered that he had stage 3B lung cancer. Until this day, sometimes I still like to play what-if scenarios. I know I can’t do that but I just can’t help it. What if he did not ignore his cough? what if the cancer was detected in earlier stage? would that make a difference?

That’s why I think it is very important, for the society to be aware of cancer warning signs.

3. Achieving treatment for all

Our family was fortunate enough to receive generous support from everyone so that we could give my father the best medical treatment and assistance. What I am going to say next does not mean to discredit anyone in Indonesia’s healthcare system but it’s just very unfortunate to have happened to our family. So, after my father was diagnosed, when the doctor here explained his condition, he was told that he had around 6 months to live. He was shocked. Moving forward to when he was getting a medical treatment in Singapore, his first question when he met his doctor there was “how much time do I have left?”. And I still remember clearly the doctor’s answer: “I’m no God and I can’t tell you how much time do you have left. But just be thankful that I’ve met other patients with your medical conditions but had worse physical conditions. Let’s just focus to keep you healthy“.

You see, one of the targets to be achieved by 2025 in this area is to improve access to accurate cancer diagnosis, quality multimodal treatment, rehabilitation, supportive and palliative care service. I put emphasis on the latter because I truly believe that it is very important to give a supportive and palliative care to cancer patients, as a way to improve their health conditions.

4. Maximising quality of life

My father fought his battle very bravely. I never saw him lose hope until the very last moments of his life. During his battle, he also managed to maintain a good spirit and keeping a fit (for his condition) figure. True, he lost his hair and his skin got irritated. There were also other medication side effects that barely damaged his body. But at least he maintained a positive fighting spirit and, copying the term, maintained a maximum quality of life until the very end.

Although his battle did not last that long, I can proudly say that he had fought very bravely and I wish for every cancer patients to do the same. I give them all my support.

Now, years after my father’s gone – I know some people in my life that have battled cancer. I am very proud that they are still living a healthy and happy life until now and I wish more and more cancer patients can do the same. The key is to have a positive attitude and spirit towards life. Because once it’s lost – the cancer pain will bring you down 😦

I am going to close this post with a happy picture of me and my papa. There is never a single day that I don’t miss him and I hope he rests in peace.

In loving memory of my papa


Tradisi di bulan Desember

Bulan Desember selalu jadi bulan yang ekstra bahagia buat saya. Namanya juga akhir tahun ya kan, aura liburan nya kerasa banget. Padahal 4 tahun kebelakang saya tidak pernah liburan di bulan Desember lho, tapi bawaan nya tetap suasana liburan, hehehe. Tambahan lagi, di akhir Desember saya berulang tahun, kebetulan pas di hari Natal. Saya pribadi tidak merayakan Natal sih, tapi Ibu dan keluarga besar saya merayakan, jadi saya ikutan merayakan kebahagiaan nya 🙂

Nah, dari kecil keluarga besar saya yang dari Ibu itu selalu punya tradisi kumpul – kumpul di malam Natal,  di rumah Kakak nya Opa saya di daerah Jakarta Pusat.  Tradisi nya begini.. Tanggal 24 sore, Ibu saya pergi ke gereja. Setelah Ibu selesai gereja, Saya, Ayah dan Adik menjemput Ibu dan kami makan malam keluarga (hampir setiap taun biasanya makan steak di Gandy Steakhouse Menteng), kemudian kami pergi ke rumah keluarga itu. Disana sebenarnya nggak ada acara spesial sih, kami makan lagi (!!!) hahaha, sambil kumpul – kumpul dengan keluarga besar. Oh iya, ada tradisi tukar kado juga di keluarga kami.

Pohon Natal di rumah keluarga kami, Natal tahun 2013

Jadi di rumahnya ada pohon Natal dimana kami bisa menempatkan kado di bawah pohon itu. Kemudian, kami melakukan countdown ke tanggal 25 dan tepat jam 12 malam kami semua saling salam – salaman. Keluarga besar saling mengucapkan selamat natal, tetapi khusus untuk saya, “selamat ulang tahun!” 🙂 Setelah itu kami mencari nama masing – masing di tumpukan kado dan sibuk buka kado sambil menebak – nebak secret santa kami. Tidak lama lewat jam 12, kami pulang dan siang hari nya open house di rumah, biasanya keluarga dari ayah saya datang untuk merayakan ulang tahun saya sekaligus memberikan selamat kepada Ibu, Oma dan Opa saya.

Sepanjang saya bisa ingat, tiap tahun begitulah tradisi nya. Tradisi nya tetap berjalan bahkan ketika Ayah, Oma dan Opa saya sudah meninggal dunia kira kira 7 tahun yang lalu. Kami tetap berkumpul, walaupun member nya berkurang :’)

Tetapi, tengah tahun ini, keluarga besar memutuskan untuk menjual rumah di Jakarta Pusat itu. Awalnya tidak ada pengaruh nya buat saya, tapi kemudian saya ingat.. dimana kami akan berkumpul di malam Natal nanti? Akhirnya setelah berdiskusi panjang, keluarga kami memutuskan untuk berkumpul di rumah tante saya. Selain perubahan tempat, salah satu sepupu saya punya ide untuk memberikan dress code bagi acara malam Natal nanti, supaya acara nya lebih meriah (dan lebih bagus kalau difoto! :p).  Pilihan dress code nya adalah hitam dan emas (soalnya merah dan hijau terlalu mainstream, hahahaha).

Adanya dress code berarti ada kesempatan untuk belanja, hahahaha. Namanya juga cewek, nggak jauh jauh dari belanja :p Saya kepikiran untuk pakai dress hitam dan kalung bernuansa emas. Eh, ngga tau deng soal kalung emas nya, soalnya sebenarnya saya agak males pakai aksesoris. Tapi yang pasti saya kini sedang mencari dress hitam. Pulang kerja kemarin saya sempat lihat – lihat di Pondok Indah Mall, tapi tidak ketemu yang sreg. Lalu saya browsing deh.

Pas lagi browsing, saya ketemu halaman koleksi dress hitam di Zalora Indonesia. Lengkap banget koleksinya! Ada banyak pilihan dress hitam berbagai model, mulai dari kasual hingga glamour. Harganya juga beragam, mulai dari 200ribu-an, lumayan banget kan? Gara – gara keasikan browsing dress hitam di Zalora ini, saya udah naksir 2 dress.. Hahaha, padahal niatnya nyari 1 aja. Gimana nih, bantuin saya milih dong teman teman, lebih bagus yang mana ya buat saya, antara Sheer Panelled Varsity Kimono Shift Dress atau Cape Sleeve Woven Dress? 🙂

Oke sambil saya menimbang – nimbang antara 2 dress tersebut, mari balik lagi ke cerita awal saya hehe, inti nya saya excited menyambut Natal, walaupun ada perubahan di tradisi, tapi tetap bisa kumpul dengan keluarga. Pada akhirnya itu yang paling penting kan 🙂 kalau kamu, ada tradisi spesial ngga di bulan Desember?

On moving.

Quick update : My family is moving to a new house!!!

This is major to us, since we are moving from the first house that my parents bought during their marriage. We wanted to stay, but the house seems to get bigger and bigger as the family become smaller and smaller… so we made a brave decision – move out to a smaller house!

Though the discussion to move has been around since 2 years ago, we never really market the house seriously. We did not put ads – only casually mentions it to several friends and relatives. But then early this year we were approached by a serious buyer, had some negotiations… and then sealed the deal.

Then came the house-searching part. Boy it was sooo hard to find the “it” house! Location, price, neighborhood, design… all those things to consider really got me (almost) insane! hahaha. Being the first born, mum sort of handed over the nitty gritty stuff to me. But, finally we found “the one” and will move there early next month. Will tell stories on the new house later after we have settled in 🙂

It is sad to leave the house that I grew up in. At the moment I’m still covered with excitement of the new place.. but I know that deep down I’m going to miss my old house so much, considering that’s the only house I know when growing up. I still can’t imagine how I would feel on moving out day…. wish me luck!!