BEC – No More Lost in Translation!

Here we go again, another post for the Blog English Club’s English Friday. My previous posts within this challenge can be read here. This week’s topic is “For only one chance, what kind of tool you will grab from Doraemon’s magic pocket?

Oh this is a crazy challenging topic! Hahaha. I would instantly answer “time machine” but unfortunately it’s written in the challenge that we can’t choose that. So, here’s my answer…

If I got the chance, I would grab Doraemon‘s Jelly Translator!

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What is it?

A Jelly – taste unknown.

What does it do?

When eaten, Jelly Translator can make the eater able to understand any kind of language in the universe. Oh, the effect will last until unknown period of time.  Cool, right? Imagine the barriers that it will diminish! Be it in business, education, or simple human interaction.

Why I want it?

I wish I have a third language ability. My mother tongue is Bahasa Indonesia, (I think) I can understand and speak English pretty well, but…. I have lost my Spanish speaking ability. Yep, I used to be able to speak Spanish when I lived in Venezuela but somehow I lost it when growing up. I’ve been trying to learn it again but does not seem to improve much… 😦

Having this Jelly Translator surely will help as not only I will be able to master my Spanish back, but also other languages! Wait, all languages in the universe… Mua-ha-ha 😀