A Much Needed Getaway

This is a long-overdue post but I guess it’s the perfect time to share about this particular trip of mine… to refresh the internet with pretty pictures hehe. Back in November 2019 my husband and I went on a mini vacation to celebrate our second anniversary. We didn’t go too far away because I had school, but we are lucky to live surrounded by beautiful places here in Southern California. The place that we visited is called Running Springs and it took us just 1,5 hours drive away from our house.

The theme for our vacation this time was simply to relax, so we chose to stay in a tiny cabin called Getaway. Check out their website to see what they got to offer.

Anyway, back to my story – we left our house in the morning and started our mini road trip. Although the mountains is quite a popular vacation spot for Angelenos, I haven’t been because I personally prefer the beach. The drive was scenic and we also managed to stop by Lake Gregory Regional Park along the way for a walk. It was pretty and because it’s low season, there was not many people, it almost felt like we had the place for ourselves!

We were only able to check in to our cabin at 3 PM, everything was done remotely as we were given the instructions to check in via text message and email. This is what our cabin looks like… it was small but we had everything we needed! The bed was very comfortable, there was a mini “kitchen”, hot showers and toilet! Seriously it was beyond our expectation.

We already prepared to cook our meals so brought groceries and since we were only going to stay for 1 night, the space was perfect for us. We made steak for dinner and just relax for the rest of the night… I think we fell asleep at some point, only to wake up and see that it was snowing! I remember it was around 6 AM when we first saw the snow showers. We wanted to go out but kept procrastinating and when we realized it, the snow was already thick! Just like that. Wow.

We stayed inside until it was close to check out time and managed to explore the area a little bit, including playing in the snow. We noticed that our car was stuck in the snow so we called the management and not long after someone came to help us shovel the snow out. They were very responsive and helpful, kudos to the Getaway team.

All in all it was a very much needed getaway, we loved our stay and definitely will be going back when things go back normal.