Hotel Breakfast 

To me, hotel breakfast is mostly a luxury. As a budget traveler, when I travel on my own I either opt for hostel or hotel that provides no breakfast most of the time.

So whenever I got the chance to stay in a hotel that provides hotel breakfast, the inner child in me always jumps in excitement! Hehe. Not 100% sure why, but having breakfast in a hotel, especially buffet, always makes my day. I guess it’s true what they say, “eat breakfast like king”, and I feel like a queen whenever I eat hotel breakfast buffet.

Which is a bit weird actually, because I don’t normally eat much during breakfast. I can’t even have nasi + soto ayam or lontong sayur for breakfast, I think it’s too much for me. My daily breakfast is either bread, cereal, or just fruits.. all things light, nothing too fulfilling.

But it’s a complete different story when I happen to stay in a hotel that provides breakfast. Hohoho. The rest is history 😉

Breakfast Menu @ Grand Whiz Hotel Kelapa Gading

Last weekend I was one of the bridesmaid at my best friend’s wedding. It was held in Kelapa Gading area, and her family booked us a room in Grand Whiz hotel. Lucky me, they serve breakfast buffet! I can’t even remember when was the last time I had one. So before I checked out on Monday morning, I managed to have a complete breakfast meal! YAY!

It was nothing fancy – just eggs, bread, cereal and fruits. It tasted alright too. But still, nothing beats the excitement 😀

What about you, do you like having hotel breakfast or do you opt for no breakfast when you travel? Which hotel has the best breakfast to you?