I’m listening to: Hozier

Hozier – an Irish singer/songwriter is one of the artists that will perform on Coachella. Since I am going (YAY!), I’ve been doing some research on the artists that will perform on the 3 days weekend festival.

To be honest all I knew about Hozier prior to my research was “Take Me To Church” song, which I am indifferent about. I think it’s just alright, but it’s been overly played on the radio. Now if you saw this year’s Grammy, there’s a big chance that you are familiar with this particular performance:

The performance has been widely discussed since it involves THE Annie Lennox! I thought her performance is stellar but since I don’t really like the song… it’s not my favorite performance of the Grammys. This performance is (because I got chills watching it!):

Anyway, back to Hozier. Last weekend I decided to do more research about his songs. I was rather surprised when I heard his other songs, which I think are different than “Take Me to Church”.

Let’s have a listen to this one, called “To be Alone”.

The song started with minimal sounds of guitar and drums. Well, the song is minimal in a way, but as it is powered with his soulful singing, it has a very soulful and bluesy (is that even a word?) feeling. The lyrics uses simple words, nothing too fancy, but crafted beautifully.

And now my favorite song so far, called “Cherry Wine”.

This is a sad song, actually. I’m not sure if it’s about an abusive relationship or about one-sided love. But the song is beautiful! I can imagine a slow dance happening to the melody 🙂

To sum up my research, I fell in love with Hozier’s other songs and his voice is JUST AMAZING. Definitely going to see him on Coachella! He’s playing Saturday though, hopefully not at the same time with Belle and Sebastian.. 😀

I’m Listening to: Majid Jordan

I first knew Majid Jordan from Drake’s 2013 single – Hold On, We’re Going Home. At first I thought Majid Jordan was a person, but I was wrong. They are a record producing and performing duo from Canada – consist of Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman. Check out their soundcloud here.

Back then I tried to find their other songs but could not find any, but just last weekend I discovered their new EP called A Place Like This.

It has five songs and although I love them all, my favorite is “Forever”.  I think the songs are perfect for a laid back home session with your friends, perhaps with a bit of dancing.. or to accompany your night drive. But anyway, I this kind of music so I’ll probably be listening to this EP day and night for the time being… until I get bored and found new music, hehehehe.

Please have a listen and hope you’ll enjoy it too!

I’m listening to: Banks.

My current favorite artist is BANKS. She’s a 26 years old singer from Los Angeles. I usually don’t really listen to music like hers, sometimes I found it too “dark” and “slow” for my cheery preference. Some like to compare her with Lana Del Rey (which music I can’t really tolerate), and some to The Weeknd (which I agree, because I like his music!).. I also found out that she was on tour with The Weeknd last year right when I was in LA! Bummerr…

But, in this case, I really enjoy her music! I think it gives me a chill and tranquil feeling, and her voice is really pretty. The lyrics is deep though, don’t really want to put too much attention to avoid feeling blue, hehehe. Have a listen to some of her songs below :

Banks – Drowning

Banks – This is What it Feels Like

Banks – Waiting Game

Btw, I got the chance to watch her live last weekend at We The Fest 2014 and boy.. she was really pretty as well!

Banks live in Jakarta
Banks – Live at WTF’14 Jakarta

The show was great, I had a lot of fun. She performed magically and like her new upcoming album, Goddess-like.

Music Lately

Last month I bought myself a new iPod nano, 16 gb (YAY!). The last time I had an iPod was back in 2009 before my good ol’ iPod classic (80 gb) decided to die on me. Ever since I only listened to music from my phone and online radio… while saving up to buy a new iPod.

I wanted to buy iPod classic due to its capacity but when I think of it again… the size makes it not easy to bring anywhere. I think I’m gonna buy one when I have my own place, and will just put it in an iPod dock and let it play good music all day long 🙂

Anyway, I decided to buy iPod nano instead (enough capacity, perfect size – easy to bring anywhere), and now that I’ve bought it.. I’ve been spending a lot of my free time browsing and listening to music.. and then choosing the songs that I’m going to put into this iPod.

And now.. Here are some songs and albums that I’m currently listening to :

Ed Sheeran – One (From the album “X”)
Ed Sheeran is back! this is indeed a sad but beautiful song..

Sam Smith – Lay Me Down (From the album “In the Lonely Hour”)
Many have said that he’s male Adele as he’s also British. I kinda agree.. his songs are somewhat similar to Adele’s but.. I still can’t help to fall for his voice. Very enjoyable song, and album!

Gabrielle Aplin – Home (from the album “English Rain”)
Another British singer I currently love..

Okay.. now it’s time for more upbeat songs :

RAC – Cheap Sunglasses  feat Matthew Koma (from the album “Strangers”)
They are coming to Jakarta! wooot! Sunday, August 24. Cant wait!

MO – Don’t Wanna Dance (from the album “No Mythologies To Follow”)
With its catchy beat, this song has been my current mood booster!

What do you think of these songs? Do check them out and hope you’ll love it as much as I am! 🙂

I’m listening to : Clean Bandit

Last year, a friend of mine introduced me to a track from Clean Bandit. They’re a British group, which according to their Wikipedia, falls under Deep House and Baroque Pop genre. While I don’t care much about genres and such (to me anything suits my ears do!), I fell in love with them instantly after hearing Dust Clears.

Here’s why :

1. The tune.

It has a very catchy, cheery tune, with a lot of unique sounds – a good combination of bass, some sort of piano, and violin too! Basically the kind of tune that will make you move your head left and right, hahaha.

2. The lyrics.

With such cheery tune, you would expect to hear meaningless, repetitive lyrics – just like most top 40 songs nowadays. But no, Dust Clears actually has a very deep lyrics (at least to me!). It started with “Imagine if the life that you thought you shared wasn’t really there … ” and also this bit (!!) “Imagine if the friend that you thought you knew wasn’t really true … ”  Those kind of lyrics, especially when listened near your period time can really make you have deep thinking, right? :O

Anyway, lately I came across their new single, “Rather Be” feat Jess Glyne. Another instant favorite!  Have a listen first :

Don’t you agree that this one’s another hit? It was all over UK radio stations last month. Pretty sure that it’s big in clubs there, too… hahaha. Again, it has a marvelous combination of catchy tune and sweet lyrics. Who can resist this : “It’s easy being with you, sacred simplicity. As long as we’re together, there’s no place I rather be… “

So yeah, I’m currently listening to Clean Bandit, a lot! I think you should too 🙂