Vendor Acara Pernikahan Kami

Hello! Balik lagi di Selasa Indonesia 🙂 seperti waktu itu yang saya udah janji, segera setelah foto – foto pernikahan saya terima dari fotografer, saya akan cerita lebih lengkap di blog ini. Kebetulan, foto – foto lengkap pernikahan saya baru aja sampai ke Amerika, dibawakan dalam bentuk USB oleh sepupu kami yang bulan Februari ini main kesini. Makanya saya rasanya baru kepengen cerita sekarang dengan foto yang lengkap 🙂 Oke, ngga usah panjang – panjang lagi ini karena post nya bakal panjang, langsung aja saya mulai review vendor acara pernikahan kami ya!

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Jakarta Car Free Day

This morning I woke up earlier than usual and decided to go to Sudirman-SCBD area for a morning run. I arrived around 6ish and the weather was nice, it was cloudy with a light breeze.

I started my run from across FX mall. At that time, there were not that many people so I could still run comfortably. About half an hour later, I reached Sudirman station. That’s where I saw a swarm of people going towards Bundaran HI area. Uh-oh, what’s happening? I thought.

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Morningville Jakarta

Morningville is a new all day brunch place in Jalan Wijaya 1. Located under Conclave co-working space, Morningville offers comfort brunch food and a cosy-greenish atmosphere.

My friends and I were invited to their grand opening last week and got to try some of their food. Here’s what I think of them.

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The first weekend in 2017

The first weekend of 2017 is a good one, I can say. Here’s how my weekend goes :


On Saturday I met my high school best-friends as they were on a playdate. Playdate here is a new term that I just got used to, which sort of shifted our regular weekend brunch sessions to a brunch with babies and toddlers involved. Being the only one single in the group, I have the privilege to call myself ‘the cool aunt’ and had a lot of fun being surrounded with their giggles.

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DON! DON! Pondok Indah

That one Saturday afternoon, I was doing some errands in Pondok Indah area when I found this restaurant, located almost hidden in Pondok Indah Plaza 2.

You can instantly tell that DON! DON! is a Japanese restaurant just by looking at its door. They placed a menu board outside the door so potential guests can have a peek at their menu, and that’s exactly what I did.

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