Dansa di Hujan

Hari Minggu yang lalu saya pergi ke sebuah festival di Jakarta, namanya We The Fest. Ini bukan kali pertama saya hadir sih, tahun – tahun sebelumnya saya juga hadir, maklum festival semacam ini menarik sekali buat saya karena bisa nonton banyak musisi dalam satu acara.

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The thing about Salon

You might have read this post about my recent experience when dealing with Make Up Artist for my engagement party. Long story short, I was disappointed with one when I wanted to book her. I ended up having had to find another one that suits my budget (note: it’s relatively easy to find a MUA in Jakarta if you have unlimited budget but that’s not the case for me…).

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May Book Haul

Jakartans – Did you managed to go to The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Jakarta 2016?

Well I did, twice! 😀

The first time was on Sunday  the 1st of May, we arrived at approximately 9 PM and left the building just as they were closing at 11PM. 2 hours did not seem like a long time, the book fair was hugeee! Oh btw for those who are not familiar with the event, Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is a book fair held in a convention centre where you can find tons of books with discounted prices. When I say discounted I mean VERY MUCH. Books (mostly English, imported) were sold for as low as IDR 30,000 (~US$ 2). They have a lot of genres as well, ranging from novels – self help – business – health – kids books – cook books, etc.

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Christa gets a Makeover! 

If you know me IRL, you’d know that I change my hair style quote often. By hair style though, I mean length. Sometimes I grow my hair long, and when I think it reached a certain length, I decided to cut it short. Long-short-long-short. But that’s about it. I never color my hair, and I can’t live without a hair straightener.

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Some stories..

On becoming a guest lecturer

Earlier this week I had a chance to become a guest lecturer in a private university in Jakarta. It was not my first time though, but my second time. The first time was last year, where I was given the opportunity to give a lecture about my previous work for a undergraduate Marketing class. It was pretty basic – at that time I was still working for a company which brand is in the top 5 of world’s most valuable brands.. so all I did was shared some successful marketing campaigns which I was involved in, and had a Q&A session.

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