January So Far

I said I was going to blog more often this year but it’s already the 18th and there’s only 1 blog post published this month. Hehe. It’s okay….

Anyway, this month I started my 3rd quarter in school which means I only have 1 left! Wooow! A couple days back I received an email from the school informing me about this year’s graduation date… which will be held in June. I still find it funny to attend graduation for a certificate program but God willing I will attend it just for the sake of celebrating another life’s milestones πŸ™‚ more about that later…

Since I’m almost done with school, I also have started to look for jobs that would be suitable for me after graduation. Well this part is really confusing, because I have to re-do my resume to tailor it to the US job market, highlighting the focus areas and eliminating the unnecessary details. I also have to look more carefully at job postings because some companies tend to use different names for the same job roles. Like this one time I found out that Key Happiness Manager is basically the same as Key Account Manager = basically keeping your customers and the company happy! hahahaha. But at the same time I’m also very excited to start this job hunting process because I feel like it’s time time to reinvent my career, hopefully towards a better direction.

There’s some other projects that I hope to progress this month and the coming months but I’m taking it one step at a time…

Oh, this month I also started to exercise more regularly. I joined a local gym and started to exercise 3x a week now woohoooww. I am enjoying it so far and I hope that the excitement won’t fade easily. I think I found the right gym and the right exercise that I really enjoy.

Well, that’s about it. a quick update from the California coast this January. I’ll be back with more stories and I hope that you are all having a great start of the year ❀