Ramadan 2017

Last Ramadan I have been spending less time online and more time trying to get a deeper understanding of my faith. As an Indonesian Muslim in today’s society, I often feel like I don’t really belong to the community. The things I saw in the popular media, the things I heard from my extended network, none of them are in line with my values and beliefs. Then it got me thinking. Have I been losing my faith? How could they be saying things that seem to be contradictive with the Islam that I was brought up in, the things that I believe in? What is wrong and what is right now?

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An Unfortunate Event

Guys, I have been scammed. So recently I took on a freelance job that I found online and agreed to work on a project. I finished my work but then the client just vanished after I sent the invoice. I have no idea how to trace the client because all I have is her email, skype, and her profile on a freelance portal where I met her.

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30 Before 30

As a fan of lists and to-dos, I created a #30before30 list back in 2012, 4 years before turning 30. Some of the items are doable, some I actually managed to tick off, but as I am revisiting the list again, some items are actually more feasible to be included as a life bucket list. Anyway, the list has been made, I have turned 30, so there’s not much to be done on the list anymore. What I’ll do now is to look back at some of the things that I actually did – you know, the items that I actually ticked off! Bear with me as this is going to be a quite lengthy post 🙂

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Leaving My 20s

My birthday is less than 2 weeks to go, which means it’s the last few days of my 20s. I am excited!

I mean I am always excited about birthdays but this year is a little bit more special. I feel excited to welcome a new era, and bidding farewell to being 20s.

It is funny though because most of my friends had this anxiety of turning 30. Some think they are old, some think they don’t have as much fun as before, some worry about physical features, some worry about health.

I’m the contrary though. I think my 20s are tough, I struggled a lot and had hiccups here and there. However, my 20s helped shape me to become the person I am today.. so I think it is safe to say that I am ready to face what my 30s will bring to me.

Here are some of life’s best lessons that I learned during my 20s :

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My September

Hi everyone!!! Hope you are well! 🙂

September is coming to an end and so is my hiatus. Like I said in my last post, a lot of things were happening this month so I decided to take a break from blogging. Now that they have happened, I’m ready to share the stories here in my blog but there’s just one little problem….

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