The special kid.

This morning I met a special friend. His name is Rizki. I’m not sure how old he is, most probably no older than 10. Rizki is one of the kids from a special needs school that I met this morning in my high school. I was paired with him for a fun walk with kids from the school during our alumni sports day.

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30 Before 30

As a fan of lists and to-dos, I created a #30before30 list back in 2012, 4 years before turning 30. Some of the items are doable, some I actually managed to tick off, but as I am revisiting the list again, some items are actually more feasible to be included as a life bucket list. Anyway, the list has been made, I have turned 30, so there’s not much to be done on the list anymore. What I’ll do now is to look back at some of the things that I actually did – you know, the items that I actually ticked off! Bear with me as this is going to be a quite lengthy post 🙂

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Leaving My 20s

My birthday is less than 2 weeks to go, which means it’s the last few days of my 20s. I am excited!

I mean I am always excited about birthdays but this year is a little bit more special. I feel excited to welcome a new era, and bidding farewell to being 20s.

It is funny though because most of my friends had this anxiety of turning 30. Some think they are old, some think they don’t have as much fun as before, some worry about physical features, some worry about health.

I’m the contrary though. I think my 20s are tough, I struggled a lot and had hiccups here and there. However, my 20s helped shape me to become the person I am today.. so I think it is safe to say that I am ready to face what my 30s will bring to me.

Here are some of life’s best lessons that I learned during my 20s :

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My September

Hi everyone!!! Hope you are well! 🙂

September is coming to an end and so is my hiatus. Like I said in my last post, a lot of things were happening this month so I decided to take a break from blogging. Now that they have happened, I’m ready to share the stories here in my blog but there’s just one little problem….

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Life Lesson I Learned Today

I came across this song on Spotify today. It’s not a new song, it was released back in 2014. I think the lyrics are so on point, especially for those who feel tired…

Tired of the mundane things in life.

For those who feel that they are stuck in a moment and you can’t get out of it (I’m borrowing a popular song.. guess what! hehe).

I too, have been feeling the same. I am tired and sometimes I get jealous of other people’s lives. Those who I think have progressed better while I’m still stuck here. Sometimes I can’t help but wondering what does it like to live a stress-free life. You know, the pretty ones you see on instagram 😉


But then this song made me think again. I am being reminded that there’s no such thing as a life that’s better than yours. There are always better things out there but you’re never gonna be happy until you love your life.

Funny how sometimes life can give you messages through many ways. Sometimes through your friends, sometimes through the small things you see on the streets, and in days like this… a rap song by J.Cole :)))))))))

Cheers, don’t forget to love your life today!