Be right back

September is here and as you might now it’s an extraordinary month for me this year… for several reasons 🙂

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Life Lesson I Learned Today

I came across this song on Spotify today. It’s not a new song, it was released back in 2014. I think the lyrics are so on point, especially for those who feel tired…

Tired of the mundane things in life.

For those who feel that they are stuck in a moment and you can’t get out of it (I’m borrowing a popular song.. guess what! hehe).

I too, have been feeling the same. I am tired and sometimes I get jealous of other people’s lives. Those who I think have progressed better while I’m still stuck here. Sometimes I can’t help but wondering what does it like to live a stress-free life. You know, the pretty ones you see on instagram 😉


But then this song made me think again. I am being reminded that there’s no such thing as a life that’s better than yours. There are always better things out there but you’re never gonna be happy until you love your life.

Funny how sometimes life can give you messages through many ways. Sometimes through your friends, sometimes through the small things you see on the streets, and in days like this… a rap song by J.Cole :)))))))))

Cheers, don’t forget to love your life today!


Me and Mama

Growing up, I used to argue a lot with my mum. Our arguments were mostly caused by unimportant things. I can’t even remember them anymore! When we argued, my dad used to calm us down. He would talk to me, telling me to make up with mum. Sometimes, when he thought I have crossed the line, he would be mad at me, and told me to apologise to my mum straight away.

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