Me and Mama

Growing up, I used to argue a lot with my mum. Our arguments were mostly caused by unimportant things. I can’t even remember them anymore! When we argued, my dad used to calm us down. He would talk to me, telling me to make up with mum. Sometimes, when he thought I have crossed the line, he would be mad at me, and told me to apologise to my mum straight away.

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Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself

Last Christmas I went to Bali with two girlfriends. I’ve known them from my grad school days in the UK. During that one year period, they were two of my closest friends – N and P. While P is Indonesian and I got to meet her regularly, N is Russian – she’s still living the UK, and I haven’t met her since I left – five years ago. We still keep in touch though, and finally, she decided to visit Indonesia.

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