30 Before 30

As a fan of lists and to-dos, I created a #30before30 list back in 2012, 4 years before turning 30. Some of the items are doable, some I actually managed to tick off, but as I am revisiting the list again, some items are actually more feasible to be included as a life bucket list. Anyway, the list has been made, I have turned 30, so there’s not much to be done on the list anymore. What I’ll do now is to look back at some of the things that I actually did – you know, the items that I actually ticked off! Bear with me as this is going to be a quite lengthy post 🙂

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The Croissant Quest! [1]

I love Croissant!
I think my love for this yummy buttery pastry first started when I lived in Bournemouth. There was this small French bakery near the town centre which I often visit – and even though I had eaten croissant before, the croissant there was the most delicious that I’ve ever had!

Now, as I am back living in Jakarta, I often feel the crave for good croissant. It’s not a hard thing to find a bakery/cafe which sells one, because croissant is such a common menu in bakeries/cafes. BUT… not everyone can make a good one. Especially in here in Jakarta.

So, I’m doing a croissant quest! I’ll review as many as possible in my quest of finding the best croissant in town.

Let’s start with PAUL Patisserie. This bakery is located in Pacific Place, Jakarta Selatan. This one is a renowned bakery from Europe, and I am already familiar with their hot chocolate which I often bought when in London. Here, the croissant is priced at IDR 18k. It looks ordinary, altough seems perfectly baked. But, it tastes good – crunchy and crispy outside yet moist inside. It’s quite buttery too, and I like it for that. I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Paul’s Croissant – dine in

However…. I actually bought two of them , 1 left intentionally to be eaten the next day for breakfast. What happened was really surprising though. The croissant became SUPER EXTREMELY MOIST AND BUTTERY  – I have to use capslock so that you can get a sense of how good it was. Really, I died and went to croissant heaven. Try it for yourself, buy the croissant, leave it overnight in your cupboard and eat it without reheating it the next morning. SUPER DELISH. I give it 5  out of 5 stars!

Paul’s Croissant – the morning after!

Conclusion: Paul’s croissant tastes SO MUCH BETTER when left overnight – it deserves 5 stars, no doubt about it.

See you on the next Croissant Quests!

#thismonthsmusic – February

Aha.. February, the month of love! (according to Hallmark :p)  This month I’m going to share my top 5 recent favorite love songs.. enjoy! 🙂

1. The Well Pennies – All My Loving (Beatles Reimagined)

2. Boyz II Men feat Charlie Wilson – More Than You’ll Ever Know 

I’m such a sucker for romantic lyrics.. this one has “.. Until this day I still get butterflies..”. Enough said.

3. Justin Timberlake – Not a Bad Thing

and here’s a bonus video for us ladies .. live version of the song! :p

4. The Luckiest – Ben Folds 

Btw.. have you watched “about time” the movie? must see! Set in the UK, the movie has a distinctive British kind of humor – it has made me cry and laugh, one of my favorite movie of 2013.

5. Us – Falling in Love

This artist is a recent discovery. I stumbled upon their youtube channel just as I was writing this post, and fell in love instantly! This song is simply cute , very easy listening!

#thismonthsmusic – January

As far as I can remember, music has been a major part of my life. Growing up, I used to listen to the radio and made mixtapes (with an actual cassette!) to be played over and over. I have been a fan of  (in historical order – as I remember it) boy bands, girl bands, Eminem (!), Brit pop, RnB, Alternative Rock, Jazz, and of course, the various kinds of Indie. My interest towards music made me joined student radio twice, once in UI as Music Director of RTC UI FM, then in Bournemouth as Radio DJ and Producer of Radio PPI Dunia. I LOVED my radio days! Those days of exploring different kinds of music and having similar minded friends…. they were one of the highlights of my university days!

Okay okay now moving on.. after I started working I don’t really have the time to explore music anymore. SAD, i know. Since it’s still the beginning of the year, I’m going to start a #thismonthsmusic project. The rule is simple, each month I’ll share minimum 5 different tunes / albums / artists that I’m currently listening. Doesn’t have to be new discovery, anything goes.Easy breezy… right? :p So let’s start! 🙂

1. Young the Giant – Mind Over Matter

Note : super excited for their new album – coming soon this year!!!

2. Lupe Fiasco ft Ed Sheeran – Old School Love

3. Panama – Always

4. Wild Cub – Thunder Clatter

5. Dent May – Born Too Late

6. Ariana Grande ft Nathan Skyes – Almost is Never Enough

Note : I love Ariana Grande! finally a top 40 female singer who really can sing and does not have a  single with cheesy disco tune and repeatable meaningless lyric!


7. Jose Gonzalez – Stay Alive

Note : This comes from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’s soundtrack. Best movie I’ve seen this year, witty and full of breathtaking view!

Well.. that’s it for this month. 7 so far. Hope you’ll enjoy those songs as much as I do! 🙂