Sudden Sadness

In the midst of all things that have been happening lately, last Friday I went through a tough time with no particular reason. Well to be honest now I think the culprit was receiving an email from a future employer saying that they had to cancel my upcoming interview due to the situation, and that they’re unsure when they will be able to reschedule it. When I first got the email I didn’t feel anything, it was something that I actually have thought about because of the current situation with coronavirus and all that.

Then I went on to live my day, until a couple of hours later I suddenly felt this surge of sadness and cried uncontrollably. I literally sobbed until I was almost out of breath and felt very confused at the same time, because I didn’t know why I felt the surge of sadness.

Poor husband woke up from his sleep after a long shift at work only to find me sobbing uncontrollably. He tried to console me but I was too distressed and could not find the words to explain my feelings.

He then had to leave again for work so I was home alone and thankfully managed to calm myself down. I remembered that I had downloaded an app called Sayana – I’ve used the app several times before to help me understand my feelings and calm me down when times got rough.

So I opened the app and reported my feelings… and I got this very nice tips that I now keep in mind in case such thing happened again. As you probably know I’m almost running out of capacity on my wordpress account so I apologize that I can’t post pictures, instead I’m just going to write the tips here, hope that it will benefit you as much as it has benefited me.

The Thought Express by Sayana

I want to share an interesting metaphor about how we can observe our thoughts to avoid getting into negative emotional states.

Imagine yourself standing on the platform in a train station. The PA system tells you that there will be an express train coming by, so you need to stand back from the tracks.

Now imagine that train coming – you can probably feel it as well as hear it coming. The noise increases as it thunders through, buffeting you with a blast of wind.

Despite the intensity of the experience, we usually just let those express trains pass on by without a second thought. But when it comes to thoughts, we don’t let them go by. We get worked up and hop onto “thought express” without understanding where it takes us.

The express train metaphor shows how negative emotions and automatic thoughts work. They come on pretty quickly, and sometimes intensely, but if we don’t engage with them, they pass on by.

If we feel anger, hatred, jealousy, or any other strong emotion, we tend to dwell on it and that can have a long lasting, negative effect on our overall emotional state.

So, instead of jumping on that thought train, we can stand on the platform, notice the thoughts and feelings that come to us, let them pass until the right train arrives that will take us to where we want to go.

What do you guys think? I personally really like it and will try to practice it next time I feel a strong negative emotion. Do you have any other tips that you like to do when experiencing such thing? Do share and let’s support each other during these weird and difficult times.

As always I wish you are all healthy, safe and happy. Take good care of yourselves! 🙂