What #ChristaLikes This January

January is almost over and I can say it has set a pretty good mood for 2017 so far. Yay! I’ve started to do more of the things I like, and here I am on my 2nd #ChristaLikes post in this blog. In this post, I’ll share the things that I like this January, such as:

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‘Tiga Dara’ The Movie

Tiga Dara is an Indonesian musical/romantic comedy movie made in the 50s starring Chitra Dewi, Mieke Wijaya, and Indriati Iskak – all have become Indonesian movie legends ever since. I don’t know much about Indonesian movies but it’s safe to say that this movie is rather legendary based on the facts that it was remade several times (first in 1980s and another one is due to be released this September). Recently the movie was restored and played in mainstream cinemas across the country, and I had the chance to see it with my family.

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Review: Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2

Tahun 2002, saya masih SMA. Film Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?  sangat membekas. Tokoh-tokoh utamanya masih SMA juga, seumuran lah dengan saya. Ceritanya tidak jauh dari dunia saya saat itu. Sekolah, persahabatan, dan tentunya naksir – naksiran dengan cowok ganteng di sekolah. Sangat relatable. 

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Goosebumps the Movie : Review

If you grew up in the 90s like I did, chances are, you are familiar with the book series “Goosebumps” by R.L Stine. Though I did not have all books in the series, I remember reading some of them and got very excited when I heard there’s going to be a movie based out of it!

The cast looked promising to me, mainly because there’s Jack Black. I can’t recall all his movies now, but all I know that his movies that I’ve seen never disappoint me. So yesterday I finally got the chance to see it, and here’s my review.. (no spoilers, I promise!)

What is it about

Zach Cooper, a boy in his teenage years just moved to a small town called Madison in Delaware with his Mum. They have a mysterious neighbor with a pretty daughter – Hannah,  who quickly became Zach’s friend. One day Zach heard Hannah’s scream from his room and quickly told his mum to call the police. Once they’re there though.. Hannah’s dad claimed that Hannah does not live there and what Zach heard probably was just the stereo sound form his TV! :O But, how could it be? Zach is so certain that what he heard was real… so he decided to bring his friend – Champ, to break in to his neighbor’s house. Later on, Zach, Hannah, his dad, and Champ ended up being stuck in a terrifying adventure…

Image from: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/2e/Goosebumps_%28film%29_poster.jpg
Image from: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/2e/Goosebumps_%28film%29_poster.jpg

What I think about it

I love it! Well the movie is very light though. If you’re looking for a horror movie – this is not the right movie for you. But if you’re looking for something entertaining, can make you laugh the hella out of your chair, this is the one! Jack Black as always plays his character well. The teen stars? well each of them have different interesting characteristics and I think all three got just the right balance of story. The movie is fast paced and because I found it very entertaining, I did not realise when it was about to end! There are few corny scenes though, but hey.. don’t think about it too much as this is a teenage movie! being a teenager is supposed to be corny :p  I found this movie really entertaining and fun – perhaps this is something that you can enjoy with your kids/nieces/nephews if they are let’s say.. around 8 – 10 years old? I remember I was around that age when I started reading Goosebumps books. In overall, I’d give the movie 4 out of 5 stars.. because I truly enjoyed watching it.

Goosebumps (2015)
Stars: Jack Black, Dylan Minnette, Odeya Rush, Ryan Lee
Rating: PG
Duration: 103mins

New cinema experience in town

Last Thursday I was invited to visit CGV Blitz in Grand Indonesia. Wait, what is CGV Blitz? is it the same with Blitzmegaplex? Yep, that Thursday occasion was actually a celebration to announce the re-branding of this cinema chain and the grand re-opening of its Grand Indonesia branch.

The new design
The staffs were all dressed up for the day
Self-Ticketing counter
Photo booth with the superhero
Popcorn Zone
Ticket box

As a part of the event, we were also invited to watch Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation in its brand new cinema with Sphere X feature. Sphere X is the latest technology which emphasizes in three aspects to enhance your movie screening experience – Screen, Sound and Seat. Sounds cool, yes?

It is actually really cool. The screen is the biggest in the world, the first one in Indonesia –  16 x 24m. The sound system was amazing!!! (I have to put three exclamation mark just to emphasize, hehehe). I don’t really get the technology behind it but seriously the sound was amazing. It felt like you were surrounded by the sound. Finally, the seat. When compared to the sound and the screen, to me the seat was the least cool factor… but still pretty comfortable.

SphereX Price list
Inside the SphereX auditorium

What about the movie? What was it like?

Well.. Mission Impossible is Mission Impossible, if you know what I mean. It’s a full packed action movie, not really my favorite kind of movie. But I can say that the movie was really intense. Too intense, even. too much action for the hopeless romantic me :p

so, have you been to CGV Blitz Grand Indonesia?

Photo session ;D

At the drive in.

Being in a long distance relationship means that we are lacking the chance to have date nights. So, whenever we meet, we always make some time for a date night in between our busy traveling schedule. This time we went to see a movie, but not in an ordinary theatre. We went to a drive in theatre! We actually had talked about going to a drive in theatre since my 2013 visit but it did not happen then. We both never been before, so we thought it would be cool to go.

Finally we managed to squeeze some time just two days before my stay ended. As we were based in between Los Angeles and Orange County, we searched for “drive in theatre Los Angeles” and Vineland drive in was one of the top results. It was not far from where were at, so we went there after dinner time.

The admission fee was $9 per person. This, however, is simply an admission fee to enter the theatre area. There were several screens inside the area – forgot how many, probably three or four. There were two movies played in a screen, back to back and that admission fee is good for each screen. Meaning, you could actually watch two movies in a row with only $9! Quite a good deal, I think.

Pacific Theaters Vineland Drive-In
Pacific Theaters Vineland Drive-In

That time, there were actually no good movies that we really wanted to see. The choice that suit our time was limited too, it’s either unfriended – a teen horror movie which we have seen before or Cinderella. We chose to see Cinderella hehehe, since we both haven’t seen it.

The movie list
The movie list

We got there quite early, probably 15 minutes before the schedule for cinderella. After paying our fee, the cashier told us to set our car radio to a certain frequency… that’s how we got to hear the sounds of the movie. Cool, right? then we drove to our screen area. When we arrived, another movie was still playing. it was Home – another cartoon movie. That’s when we realised that we could actually see two movies in a row, only by paying 1 time admission fee.

HOME was playing when we got there
HOME was playing when we got there

There were around 5-8 cars in our screen at that time. Not many, because it was a working day and it was quite late, around 10PM. What’s interesting is that half of the audience were families with young children, they parked their car (mostly van) and took out chairs to watch the movie. I guess it’s a convenient alternative to regular cinema when you have kids.

Overall, we really enjoyed going to a drive in cinema and would love to do it again! We’d also recommend going to Vineland if you happen to be near LA. It has an interesting retro feel, but with current movies. Any of you have been to a drive in cinema as well? how’s your experience?

Pacific Theaters Vineland Drive-In
443 N. Vineland Ave.
City Of Industry, CA 91746
(626) 961-9262