Life Lesson I Learned Today

I came across this song on Spotify today. It’s not a new song, it was released back in 2014. I think the lyrics are so on point, especially for those who feel tired…

Tired of the mundane things in life.

For those who feel that they are stuck in a moment and you can’t get out of it (I’m borrowing a popular song.. guess what! hehe).

I too, have been feeling the same. I am tired and sometimes I get jealous of other people’s lives. Those who I think have progressed better while I’m still stuck here. Sometimes I can’t help but wondering what does it like to live a stress-free life. You know, the pretty ones you see on instagram 😉


But then this song made me think again. I am being reminded that there’s no such thing as a life that’s better than yours. There are always better things out there but you’re never gonna be happy until you love your life.

Funny how sometimes life can give you messages through many ways. Sometimes through your friends, sometimes through the small things you see on the streets, and in days like this… a rap song by J.Cole :)))))))))

Cheers, don’t forget to love your life today!


Zayn – Mind of Mine

Today’s a Friday and it’s a public holiday here in Indonesia. Here I am still in bed with my laptop, just lazily browsing the net while listening to Zayn’s debut album – Mind of Mine.

Yes people, the full album is out! I have been anticipating it since Zayn first dropped the first single – Pillow Talk. It caught my attention because it’s so different than 1D’s songs and no, I’m not a fan of 1D and I didn’t even know Zayn before he said he’s leaving the band.. anyway… I like Pillow Talk, but not as much as It’s You or Like I Would – two songs that he released afterwards.

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Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself

Last Christmas I went to Bali with two girlfriends. I’ve known them from my grad school days in the UK. During that one year period, they were two of my closest friends – N and P. While P is Indonesian and I got to meet her regularly, N is Russian – she’s still living the UK, and I haven’t met her since I left – five years ago. We still keep in touch though, and finally, she decided to visit Indonesia.

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I have to admit that I..

If there’s one thing that you probably did not know about me is that .. I cry easily! :p

Most of the time I found my self so emotional over even the smallest things until I can’t help it and shed a tear or two.

I cry over standard things – romantic, sappy movies. Novels.

I cry during friends’ weddings, especially during the holy matrimony. On my bestfriend’s wedding very recently, I cried at the church during a ritual just because I saw her mother was crying. That, plus the choir successfully made me cry even though I had no idea what ritual was happening and did not understand any words sang by the choir as it was in Latin. But still I cried.. and made it to the wedding video… hahaha. Now whenever my friend sees her wedding video, she’ll always see my ugly crying face :p

Oh and there are a lot of other moments when I found myself got teary. Reading the news, listening to prayers, reminiscing old memories… bottom line is I cry easily. Sometimes it makes sense, but sometimes it does not and other times even makes me annoyed of myself!

Like what happened yesterday – I was driving to work and as usual I turned on my Apple Music. Then I found out that Adele has just dropped a new single on her VEVO! Being her fan I listened to it straightaway.. and suddenly cried while driving. Really????!! Over an Adele song? Just to be clear I am not currently missing anybody from the past but still.. just her voice that is soooo goood got me teary eyed! 😐

Oh well, here’s the song if you haven’t heard it :

Have a good Friday!