Korean Contemporary R&B

I guess this Korean fever is not going away anytime soon for me. Ever since I declared my love for Korean Drama a while back on social media, I’ve had friends DM-ed me asking if I, by any chance, have became an army (BTS’ fandom) as well.

Sorry to disappoint, but I haven’t.

Funny how my friend, a mum of a toddler who now lives in England has became a big fan of BTS, and we usually share similar taste in music since we were in high shcool, but this time, while she’s gotten really into BTS, I’m not, hehe. So I told those who asked.. naah, I’m just going to stick with Korean Drama šŸ˜‰

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Sister Sister Sister

We were chilling at home when I received an email from an event tickets marketplace. The email basically saying that HAIM concert would be tonight and prompt me to check out ticket prices. It turned out that we were lucky (wait, let me rephrase – I was lucky because R doesn’t really listen to them), we managed to score 2 tickets for 50% off!

The concert was held in a small theatre about 45 minutes away from where we live, in Pomona. With a few clicks, we purchased the tickets, got ready, and left.

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