My friend’s Indian wedding 

By now I guess most of you already know that I went to Mumbai last month to attend a wedding. I’ve shared stories about the city, about the food, even some travel and visa tips (the latter is in Bahasa Indonesia).But what about the wedding? Okay, although it is rather overdue… here goes! 😀  Continue reading “My friend’s Indian wedding “

Incredible Mumbai 

I’m back!! Hello everyone, how are you? So the past week I was away from the blogging world because I was in India – Mumbai to be exact. Read this post to find out why.

I actually just came back last night and had to go back to work this morning so I don’t have time to write all the stories yet, so for starters I’m going to share what I felt after returning from the trip.

I’ve heard stories of how people find peace, or revelation, inspiration, or some sort when going to India. Eat pray love, anyone? But I always thought that it must have something to do with Yoga or some mountains. While I was visiting Mumbai – a big city, for a wedding, so I did not expect to find any. But still I left Mumbai feeling inspired. Here’s why.

1. I learned to make peace with Jakarta’s traffic. 

You know how frustrated I am with Jakarta’s traffic, right? But let me tell you, Mumbai is worse. Everywhere I found cars honking, people crossing the street, bus, motorcycles, taxis, they’re just crazy. Even I came from Jakarta but it was still hard to get used to Mumbai’s traffic during my 6 days visit. Then I realised that Jakarta’s traffic is way more acceptable, and at least I should be thankful because my daily traffic does not involve cars honking (they drive me really crazy!).

2. I learned to appreciate my culture more.

I found it very inspiring that the people I met still appreciate their culture. I mean I saw ladies in the street doing mundane routines wearing saree. I saw men in turban. They embrace their culture without limiting themselves from globalization and the “western world”. In fact, they blend it and make it an interesting fusion. Especially that I was there for a wedding, I got to experience how rich the culture of India is. It makes me a bit sad because I don’t see that much of culture here in Jakarta anymore. In Mumbai the culture is still very visible, which I really love. So here I am making a promise to myself (and let you my dear readers be witnesses) that I will make sure that my future child(ern) will know and understand their roots and culture no matter where I will raise them. Sounds like a plan?

3. I learned to dance. 

I love dancing, I really do. But I felt nothing compared to my Indian friends when it comes to dancing now. Man, they really know how to dance! In almost every functions I went, dancing was involved. From cocktail party to the wedding day, I danced. They danced. We danced. And by dancing I mean dancing – Non stop, full of energy. You may ask what is so special about dancing? But having seen how Indian people danced, I see it as a way to let loose – be happy, be merry, and blend in with the society. I mean, while dancing everyone is equal – no one will judge the way you dance so you don’t need to feel awkward. Dancing brings you closer with your surroundings, so it’s always a good idea! 😀

So that’s the three things I learned during my trip to Mumbai, and I can tell you that I ❤ India! It is indeed, incredible and I will definitely come back and explore more. Now I am going to end this post with a selfie in front of Gate of India. More pictures and of course stories later! Stay tuned! 😀


Hello from Gate of India!


Btw, have you been to India? Did you like it? 🙂