The kind of post that you won’t see often – OOTD!

Hello everyone! This week I’m back with a surprising post (haha!), well I can assure you that this is the kind of post that you won’t see often in this blog. But today, I’m doing it just for Blog English Club’s English Friday challenge.

This week’s challenge is… share your Outfit of the day (OOTD) picture!

Oh well, here’s mine :


As today’s a Friday and on Fridays we tend to dress down at work, today I’m wearing jeans. Yay! I normally wear jeans almost every day to the office when I was still holding my last position but since I moved to a new one, the new job requires me to dress more formal because I need to represent the company nicely. Anyways… here’s what I’m wearing:

Top: Cotton Ink – Archipelago series
Jeans: Uniqlo – Ultra Stretch Jeans
Shoes: Dexter Shoes at Payless
Bag: Marc Jacobs special items

Btw.. notice those prints? Yes – I love to wear prints, especially for my tops. In fact I don’t normally wear accessories and my shoes and bags are mostly in basic colors.. to complement my prints tops.

What about you, do you like to wear prints or prefer basic colors? Happy Friday! ๐Ÿ™‚