Latest Addiction: Periscope

Have you heard of Periscope? this live video streaming app is very much new to the social media world, its first launch was just 4 months ago. It looks like the next big thing though. The startup has been bought by Twitter and got 1 million users during its first 10 days!

Being a social media enthusiast, I immediately downloaded the app when I first found out about it. At first I thought it is similar to Snapchat, but after using it for more than two weeks now, I have to say that I’m beginning to ignore my Snapchat and got addicted to Periscope!

So, how does it work?

Easy – after you downloaded the app on your iOs/Android phone, log in through your Twitter account or just create a new account if you don’t have any.

Then you can start to watch live broadcast (or what is known as “Scope). While watching, you can also write some comments from the chat box and if you like what you’re seeing, simply tap your screen to give a “heart”!

If you’re an iOs user like myself, there should be four tabs in your screen, including your profile page and broadcast tab. However, there is a particular tab that is really interesting for me – the world map tab.

Periscope world map

As you can see in the above image, there are bullets with numbers in each country/city. See that “8” around London? That means there were currently 8 live scopes from London and its surrounding cities.

I love this feature the most because I can simply “travel the world” by watching different scopes from different locations! How cool is that! With Periscope I could watch a live broadcast from the streets of Paris or Honolulu. The broadcast does not have to be sophisticated, most times it’s people doing an ordinary walk in a neighborhood. Some times it’s just a random teenage girl talking nonsense, but some times I could get lucky and found scopes like these…

Disneyland Broadcast by @EuroMaestro

Yep, that is a screenshot of a parade live from Disneyland Paris! a live Disney parade! The user, @EuroMaestro was actually sitting front row in the parade and he recorded the whole parade.

Then there’s also scopes like this, where I got to see the beauty of New York City. If you decided to use the app, I’d really recommend this user – @RonWaxman. He broadcasts New York City views on a daily basis.

New York City Broadcast by @RonWaxman

Not only city and event views, I mentioned about some random chats. This particular user that I follow also likes to do random chats, but I think he is very knowledgeable and he likes to discuss interesting topics. His name is Moe and he is an Uber driver in New York. Through following his account @Moeinteractive, I got to know what is it like to live in New York. Interesting, right?

Late night chat with @Moeinteractive

What do I need to scope?
Sadly, being active in Periscope requires a strong internet connection and A LOT of data. So far I’m using Bolt 4G to broadcast (yes sometimes I broadcast too hehehe.. trying to show the world what is it like to live in Jakarta :p) and watch live scopes.

Should I download it?
I think you should! Especially if you are highly curios about life in other parts of the world like myself. Well, I know there are some celebrities that like to scope as well, but I haven’t followed them because I am more interested in seeing the world through random people’s eyes 🙂

So, what do you think? will you try it?