Justin Timberlake

I am a  big fan of Justin Timberlake. Not only because his looks and personality but I actually was a fan of NSYNC and have been following his solo career too.

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Mau Lurus Jadi Repot

Wah, saya sudah lama juga ya nggak cerita apa – apa di Selasa Indonesia. Minggu ini saya mau curhat aja ah. Akhir – akhir ini, saya sedang ketemu beberapa hal yang bikin saya repot, padahal menurut saya nggak penting. Setelah saya ngobrol dan curhat ke R, kita sepakat, hal – hal begini kejadian di kita hanya karena ada oknum – oknum yang tidak bertanggung jawab sebelumnya.

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A little update

Hello blogosphere!

I know I haven’t blogged in a while, simply because there were lots of things going on offline that I found it hard to blog. I know, I know, cliche – right?!

But anyway now that we’re already halfway through February, I feel the itch to write so this post will be a random – life update – kind of post. So, here are the things that happened lately…

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Bubble Bubble

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with” – so they say. Do you think it’s true? I haven’t really thought about it until recently.

So I’ve been spending a lot of time with a new group of people because of a project I’m doing at work. While working on this project, they’ve became my lunch partner almost on a daily basis. We seemed to be getting along fine until we started to discuss about recent happenings.

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Awkarin dan Pendidikan

Di Selasa Indonesia kali ini, saya ingin bercerita tentang sebuah sosok wanita. Namanya Karin Novilda, tapi kebanyakan orang mengenalnya sebagai Awkarin. Jadi, di tulisan ini saya juga akan menyebutnya Awkarin. Dia masih muda, belum ada 25 tahun.

Pembaca blog ini yang tinggal di Indonesia kemungkinan besar sudah mengenal siapa Awkarin. Sosoknya jadi terkenal lewat akun Instagram nya yang rada kontroversial karena seringkali pasang foto yang lumayan “berani” dengan (mantan) pacarnya sewaktu dia masih SMA. Tak hanya foto yg berani, tapi caption nya pun juga tanpa sensor. Entahlah apa yang mau digambarkan. Remaja masa kini mungkin? Hmmm. Tentunya netizen Indonesia gempar lah liatnya, banyak yang mencela, banyak pula yang memuji. Biasalah, standar sensasi media sosial jaman sekarang.

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What’s Done Is Done

That day, I could not concentrate at work. I kept refreshing my google search app with the keyword “US 2016 Election Results”. My stomach felt funny whenever I saw the result that Donald Trump was leading. In between work and meetings, I somehow managed to refresh my app every once in a while. I exchanged messages with R. He started hopeful, but we both were deeply shocked when our google search showed “Donald Trump won the presidency”.

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The thing about Salon

You might have read this post about my recent experience when dealing with Make Up Artist for my engagement party. Long story short, I was disappointed with one when I wanted to book her. I ended up having had to find another one that suits my budget (note: it’s relatively easy to find a MUA in Jakarta if you have unlimited budget but that’s not the case for me…).

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