Justin Timberlake

I am a  big fan of Justin Timberlake. Not only because his looks and personality but I actually was a fan of NSYNC and have been following his solo career too.

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Morningville Jakarta

Morningville is a new all day brunch place in Jalan Wijaya 1. Located under Conclave co-working space, Morningville offers comfort brunch food and a cosy-greenish atmosphere.

My friends and I were invited to their grand opening last week and got to try some of their food. Here’s what I think of them.

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Bali with The Family

Last week I went to Bali with my family. By family, I mean not only my mum and brother, but also my cousins and aunt. In total, there were 3 families that went. My family, my cousin and his wife, my aunt, another cousin with his wife, and little daughter. We used to go on a family holiday at least once a year when our dads were still alive, back when we were kids. But as we grow up, we rarely go on a holiday together due to various reasons. So, this holiday was the first in many many years. We were so excited!

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What #ChristaLikes This January

January is almost over and I can say it has set a pretty good mood for 2017 so far. Yay! I’ve started to do more of the things I like, and here I am on my 2nd #ChristaLikes post in this blog. In this post, I’ll share the things that I like this January, such as:

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I know my last posts were not the cheeriest, so for now I’m going to share a list of the things that I like. I’ve started to use the hashtag #ChristaLikes on Instagram a while ago and now it’s time to elaborate it further on this blog! Watch this space because there will be more of this kind of post in the future… 🙂

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‘Tiga Dara’ The Movie

Tiga Dara is an Indonesian musical/romantic comedy movie made in the 50s starring Chitra Dewi, Mieke Wijaya, and Indriati Iskak – all have become Indonesian movie legends ever since. I don’t know much about Indonesian movies but it’s safe to say that this movie is rather legendary based on the facts that it was remade several times (first in 1980s and another one is due to be released this September). Recently the movie was restored and played in mainstream cinemas across the country, and I had the chance to see it with my family.

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Our (Online) Movie Date!

Being in a LDR requires us to be creative in finding ways to “keep the flame alive”. Hahaha. R hates it when I say that, but I feel like every once in a while we need to do something out of the ordinary, don’t you agree?

Recently I found a video chat service called Rabbit (how cute is the name!), which allows you to watch Netflix, Youtube, and browse the web together with your friends regardless of their location. In my own words it’s a video chat + screen sharing service.. which I think is really cool, especially for us long distance couples.

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