An Unfortunate Event

Guys, I have been scammed. So recently I took on a freelance job that I found online and agreed to work on a project. I finished my work but then the client just vanished after I sent the invoice. I have no idea how to trace the client because all I have is her email, skype, and her profile on a freelance portal where I met her.

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The thing about Salon

You might have read this post about my recent experience when dealing with Make Up Artist for my engagement party. Long story short, I was disappointed with one when I wanted to book her. I ended up having had to find another one that suits my budget (note: it’s relatively easy to find a MUA in Jakarta if you have unlimited budget but that’s not the case for me…).

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3 Cities I Don’t Mind to Move In to

The idea to write about this came from a comment by Dita in my previous “3 Cities” series. Well actually no.. it’s not a series in this blog, but I just happen to wrote about  3 cities that I don’t want to revisit and also  3 cities that I would love to revisit. Do have a read if you haven’t! 😉

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