Korean Contemporary R&B

I guess this Korean fever is not going away anytime soon for me. Ever since I declared my love for Korean Drama a while back on social media, I’ve had friends DM-ed me asking if I, by any chance, have became an army (BTS’ fandom) as well.

Sorry to disappoint, but I haven’t.

Funny how my friend, a mum of a toddler who now lives in England has became a big fan of BTS, and we usually share similar taste in music since we were in high shcool, but this time, while she’s gotten really into BTS, I’m not, hehe. So I told those who asked.. naah, I’m just going to stick with Korean Drama šŸ˜‰

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Sunday Playlist

So I’ve recently reclaimed my old hobby, that is creating playlists. Music has always been a major part of my life, especially during my teenage/early adult days. Back then, I like to create playlists in the form of cassette mixtape for various occasions. I was fortunate to have a stereo system that comes with dual cassette deck, making it easy to record songs! I would religiously listen to radios almost every day and patiently waited for my favorite song to be played… and felt so annoyed when the announcer started to speak in the middle of a song, hahaha. #90sfirstworldproblem

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