Wayward Pines

I am currently hooked on this new TV series called “Wayward Pines“. It is an American TV Series broadcasted by Fox channel, just started this May. In fact, they are currently still on second episode!

The thriller/mystery series is about how a secret service agent named Ethan Burke ended up in a small town called Wayward Pines in Idaho – USA. Don’t worry, this post is spoiler free 😉

Image from www.fox.com
Image from http://www.fox.com

Episode one started with a scene of Agent Burke woke up and found himself in a foreign setting. At first he did not remember his identity and did not know where he was. His memory came back not long after but he could not find his I.D nor cellphone. He quickly remembered that he was on a mission to find a missing colleague with a partner when they got into an ugly car crash. His partner was nowhere to be seen though. Episode one ended with a shocking discovery and left me wanting to see more episodes!

Come episode two, where I was shown moments – which seemed like clues – and got me wondering. I found myself making assumptions. Maybe he is a … Maybe they did that because …. Maybe the town is a …. But all I can do is guessing. Just when I was still making up theories, the episode ended up with a far more shocking event! :O

Now here I am, anxiously waiting for episode three. I know this series is an adaptation from a book series, but I don’t want to read the book (yet). Because I think the TV series is good enough to make me wanting for more. Oh, perhaps it’s because M. Night Shyamalan is the executive producer? So, if you’re looking for a new TV series to follow, this one’s a must see! Btw… anyone is currently following the series as well? What are your theories? let’s discuss in the comment section below… (no spoilers please!) 😉